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Car Rental at Auckland International Airport

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Where to rent a car at Auckland International Airport

Five car rental companies offer services at the Auckland International Airport to assist and help travellers who are looking for rental cars or are booked with a rental car upon arrival and are waiting for their cars out front. The car rental desks in the airport are located within the international terminal of the facility, just next to the arrivals area on the ground floor. The parking spaces for these car rental companies are located at the ground floor of the multi-level car park building. Car rental companies include Avis, Budet, Europcar, Hertz, and Thrifty. All desks are equipped with a telephone that directs the call to the car rental company, and is manned by company representatives for travellers and passengers who would like to book upon arrival. Most of the car rental companies require their customers to book beforehand however, so travellers may as well check out this page for the respective company's contact details. International travellers may book online in advance, while domestic travellers may alternately call the toll-free numbers, that are provided by the companies.

What to expect when renting a car from Auckland International Airport

For the booking process, travellers will be asked to provide their confirmed flight dates, so that the car rental company may reserve their preferred vehicle, drop it off, and pick it up at the traveller's preferred time and place. Meanwhile, travellers who are booking upon arrival will only get to choose from the available vehicles on-site, unless they are willing to wait for the vehicles to be delivered at the airport. Upon booking the rental cars and claiming the car keys, travellers should present their identification documents/cards, their driver's license, international driving permits (if applicable), and proof of payment (i.e. credit card/s). Travellers should keep in mind that they are under the rules and the regulations as set by the company of their choice upon claiming the vehicles, and that they should be able to abide by the traffic regulations of the city or area that they are driving in. For the prices, this varies greatly depending on the provider and the vehicle type – but most of the time, the bigger the vehicle, the steeper the cost gets. Special requests also add to the total amount to pay – so make sure to only ask for necessities, unless you're off on a spending spree.

Driving around Auckland International Airport

Auckland international Airport is served by State Highway 20A and 20B, which then connects it to main State Highway 20, 17, and 30 all the way to the urban Route 4, 15, and 6, towards Auckland and its surrounds. Road conditions within the vicinity and the nearby areas are at best; however, traffic congestion along many of the State Highways and routes can prove to be a burden, especially when passing along or going in to central Auckland. Major heavy traffic areas include Urban Route 16, State Highway 20, several smaller streets within Auckland, and certain sections of the Auckland-Waiwera Road. Outside the city centre however, only few sectional traffic can be expected. Most, if not all, commercial services can be accessed through the city of Auckland, so if travellers would want to have their rest before embarking on their journey, they may do so here. Petrol stations can also be found there.

Getting to your destination

Ponsonby – enjoy great food and great parties in this one-of-a-kind destination just a few kilometres away from the central business district of Auckland! Ponsoby is located just outside of central Auckland, and it can be reached from the airport through State Route 20A and 20, going through Hillsbrough and connecting to Urban route 4 to Newton Road and Ponsonby Road.

Albany – a true blue location with varying sights, sounds, and attractions, Albany is a perfect destination for travellers who like their variety. Reach Albany from the airport by driving to Mangere towards State Highway 20 and off central Auckland through State Highway 1 and the Auckland-Kumeu Motorway. Drive all the way to the Auckland Harbour Bridge – and get off to head to the Northern Motorway/Albany Expressway all the way to central Albany. Heavy traffic is to be expected when passing through Auckland and certain sections of the Northern Motorway.

Auckland – Auckland is a major city in New Zealand's North Island, with major sites and destinations that can be enjoyed at the traveller's leisure. From here, travellers may visit the Sky Tower, the Rangitoto Island, the Waitemata Harbour, and many more. Auckland is about 20 kilometres away from the airport, and can be reached via the State Highway 20 going towards Urban Route 12.

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