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Car Rentals in Milas–Bodrum Airport

With both domestic and international flights flying to and from the airport, Milas–Bodrum Airport offers a variety of options for travelers looking to rent a car in Turkey. There are a few different options for good cheap car rentals in Milas–Bodrum Airport depending on where fliers arrive.

The international terminal features two car rental companies, Vapora Rent a Car and ÇELİK MOTOR A.Ş. (Garenta). From the domestic terminal, passengers can access the rental firms OTOKOÇ OTOMOTİV (Avis Rent a Car), ASYA NAKLİYAT (Hertz), OTOKOÇ OTOMOTİV (Budget Rent a Car), Almira Rent a Car, Europcar, National Rent a Car, NEYZEN, and ÇELİK MOTOR A.Ş. (Garenta).

Driving From Milas–Bodrum Airport

The airport serves the two Turkish towns present in its name, Milas and Bodrum. The airport sits 16 kilometres south of Milas and 36 kilometres northeast of Bodrum. The drive to Milas typically takes a little less than 20 minutes, while going to Bodrum will take closer to 40 minutes by car.

Highways in Turkey are generally maintained well. That's not always the case on rural roads, so visitors should take things slowly if they head off main roads. Likewise, driving at night can be dangerous for those who are not familiar with the roads, so travelers should stick to daytime excursions if possible. Unlit roads present hidden dangers, while mountain roads often don't have guard rails. And local drivers won't necessarily turn their lights on at night!

Both the driver and any passengers should keep their documents like a driving license and passport on them in the car. There's a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, so visitors shouldn't drink at all when they plan to drive.

Visiting Milas From the Airport

It's a quick via Muğla Bodrum Yolu/D330 from the airport. After getting cheap car rentals in Milas–Bodrum Airport, visitors can start by checking out a region rich in history. Milas is one of the prominent settlements of southwestern Turkey.

Buildings from various historical periods make Milas an interesting stop for anyone interested in history or architecture. Carpets and rugs from Milas are internationally famous, and though they aren't made in the city today, travelers can find them in villages nearby. The district is also home to more than 20 notable archeological sites.

Explore Bodrum

Travelers who take D330 in the other direction from the airport can check out Bodrum. Discount car rentals in Milas–Bodrum Airport can take visitors to this city on the southern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula. Bodrum is famous as the home of the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Venture to İzmir

Though it's not as popular with tourists as places like Istanbul, İzmir is a beautiful cultural hub that's only two or three hours by car from Milas–Bodrum Airport. Turkey's third-largest city in terms of population has served as a key Aegean port since it was the ancient Greek city of Smyrna. Today, İzmir offers visitors a glimpse into a laid-back, welcoming lifestyle along with bazaars and a museum of history and art.

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