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Car rental from Phuket


Phuket International Airport has a number of car rental chains on site including Avis, Hertz, Thai Rent A Car, and Braun Rent A Car Co. This is easily the most convenient place for those flying in and out of Phuket to pick up and drop off a car, as the island has only a handful of other car rental locations scattered across it, and all of them are some distance from the airport.

Driving Near Phuket International Airport

Phuket International Airport is located at the north end of the large island that comprises the province of Phuket. Highway 402 is the lone route on and off the island, running to the north and connecting by bridge to the province of Phang Nga. You can also take 402 south through the center of Phuket. Highway 4031 is located near most of the airport car rental agencies and will connect with 402 if you follow it south.

Given that this is Thailand's second busiest airport, and there's only one major road for vehicles to follow on and off the island, you should anticipate heavy traffic coming out of the airport during daytime hours. Traffic does thin out considerably as the night goes on, however.

Those coming to Thailand from the west may, at first, find driving on the roads to be a bit chaotic and confusing. One of the most important things to know is that Thai drivers do not always use blinker turn signals, especially for lane changes. They will instead edge into a lane very slowly to indicate what they are doing, or may give a hand signal out of their window. Honking the horn is also employed differently in Thai culture. It is used as a polite warning to make sure other drivers know you are there when approaching a blind turn or driving in a blind spot, rather than in the reprimanding way that it's usually used in the West. Also, be aware that if a red light is specifically for a crosswalk, local custom is to drive through it if there are no pedestrians in it. Stopping at a red when no one is in the crosswalk is not expected by Thai drivers and may lead to a rear-end collision.

Gas Stations Near Phuket International Airport

Getting gas near Phuket International isn't a problem. There's a local gas station near the airport, and a Shell station as you pull out of the airport heading east onto Highway 402. You'll encounter more stations as you travel south down 402 into the city of Phuket, and there are also several additional stations before you reach the bridge to the north.

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