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Nyingchi Mainling Airport, located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, is known to be one of the most challenging airports to land in because it is located in the midst of a winding valley. The airport is located along the Yarlung Tsangpo River and is surrounded on all sides by mountains, which creates one of the narrowest approaches in the world. The airport is home to one runaway and primarily operates domestic flights to a variety of Chinese cities.

Where Can You Get a Car Rental Company at Nyingchi Mainling Airport?

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Roads in and Around the Airport

The main road leading away from the airport and to the major cities in the area is 306 Provincial Rd. Be advised that even though this is the main road, most of the roads in the area are considered to be poor driving in spots so exercise caution when traveling.

Tips for Driving in the Tibet Area

When traveling throughout the region of Tibet you will want to make sure that you not only have your passport with you, but you also need to be sure to have a Tibet Travel Permit to drive yourself throughout the area.

Due to the geographical terrain of the area, travel can be somewhat difficult. The road conditions can be less than ideal, and with lower levels of oxygen due to the high altitude it is recommended that drivers have had a recent health check before driving in the Tibet area.

What Cities and Landmarks Within Driving Distance of the Nyingchi Mailing Airport?

Lhasa – Located 451 kilometers or an 8-hour car ride from the Nyingchi Mainling Airport, Lhasa is a city worth the drive. The city can be traveled to via G318, the main road that runs the length of Tibet. There are many must-see sights and attractions in the Lhasa area including Jokhang Temple, Yangp,achen Hot Springs, Barkhor Street, XiZang TianHai YeShi Marketplace, and one of the many monasteries.

Namcha Barwa – Namcha Barwa is a mountain in the Tibetan Himalaya range that is visible when driving along the G318. Though rarely visited, the mountain is a beautiful landmark in the Tibetan landscape. Being part of the highest mountain chain in the world, Namcha Barwa is the third most prominent peak after Mt. Everest and Nanga Parbat.

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