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Once you land at Orlando Sanford Airport, you'll likely need transportation to reach your hotel, resort, or other Orlando destination. While public transportation and shuttle buses are available, many travelers prefer to use a car rental from Orlando Sanford Airport. Fortunately, travelers will have convenient access to car rental agencies right on the airport's grounds. Whether you are searching for a discount car rental or a large vehicle that's able to accommodate your family and luggage, you'll find a wide array of car rentals at Orlando Sanford Airport.

Car Rental Agencies at Orlando Sanford Airport

Orlando is a tourist-friendly city that brims with car rental services. However, for convenience, many travelers arriving in the city on business or for vacation prefer to line up their low-price car rental right at the airport. Orlando Sanford Airport is home to various car rental companies that include Advantage, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty, Enterprise, National, Alamo, and Avis. If you are in need of an oversized vehicle or van, a shuttle bus is available from the airport to Accessible Mini-Van Rentals. You can line up your car rental service by telephoning these companies' 800-numbers or you can use Skyscanner's car rental search tool to find a cheap car rental for your Orlando stay.

Orlando Driving Conditions

Many travelers assume that Orlando's roads are routinely lit by sun and easy to navigate. Generally, this is true, but the city's routes to and from the airport can become congested during peak travel times. Occasionally, fog is a factor that drivers must contend with, and, more frequently, thunderstorms and rain showers affect the roadways. During a rain shower, the city's highways and roads can become slick with oil, so it's important to exercise caution when driving your rental car. Be sure you are familiar with the vehicle and its operation, especially before venturing into inclement weather to reach your destination.

Main Orlando Roads and Thoroughfares

When exiting the airport with your Orlando rental car, you'll likely wish to take Highway 4 west to reach the city. Orlando is about 20 miles from Orlando Sanford Airport. When roads are clear, you should be able to reach the city in under 30 minutes. However, during peak commute times, your travel from the airport to your Orlando hotel may take upwards of 45 minutes depending on its location. Some locals advise out-of-towners to avoid I-4 during peak travel times and, instead, take the 417 toll road, which is also advisable if you happen to be visiting the beaches or the Spacecoast venue. Also, Orlando is a popular vacation destination, so its mapping is consistently updated for GPS systems, so don't be afraid to use online apps to help you navigate to your Orlando destination. Moreover, by staying on the main thoroughfares such as these that are listed, you'll have easy access to gas stations and roadside assistance throughout your journey.

Discover Orlando with Your Rental Car

The city of Orlando is filled with theme park fun, world-class hotels and resorts, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more. You can take your inexpensive rental car to visit a myriad of popular Orlando attractions. Disney World is Orlando's most popular tourist attraction. To reach this attraction, you can take either Interstate 4 or the 417.

SeaWorld is another major Orlando attraction that can be reached in your rental car via the 417 toll road to the 538 W. toll road. Again, plan on about a 50 minute drive. If you're interested in non-theme park venues, consider a drive to the distinguished the Harry P. Leu Gardens that are renowned for their botanical splendors; you can reach this venue from the airport by traveling on the 417, a trip that lasts for about 40 minutes.

Once you obtain your inexpensive Orlando rental car, you'll be able to reach all nearby attractions that include other city highlights like Universal Studios, the Mall at Millennia, or any number of the city's outstanding golf courses. Remember to check Skyscanner if you need information about car rentals or Orlando hotels.

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