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Belgrade Car Rental Deals from $13*/Day


Visitors to Serbia frequently come to Belgrade, the largest city in the country. This is also the capital of Servia. With a population of over 1.65 million people in the metropolitan area, Belgrade is a large and beautiful city located at the junction of the Danube and Sava rivers. This is an ancient city, with roods dating back to the Celtic tribes in approximately 279 BC, and even further back in history.

Renting a Car in Belgrade

While the city of Belgrade has a firm grasp on its history, it also has a foot in the modern. Visitors that fly into Belgrade have the option to rent a car from the airport. Rentals are quick and easy, and cars can be pre-booked through SkyScanner. The rental offices can be found in both terminals 1 and 2. For those who are renting a car at the airport, there are both local and international options, such as AUTO rent, Avaco, Hertz, and Menadzer Express.

Throughout the city, travelers can find dozens of car rental locations. The majority of these are located off E-75 and offer convenient locations. Some of the rental options throughout the city include Car Belgrade Servia, Union Rent-a-Car, and Skill Rent-a-Car.

Driving in Belgrade

Understanding some of the laws and rules of the road in Belgrade is crucial for travelers. Unless otherwise noted, the speed limit in the city is 50 kph, or approximately 30 mph. In addition, all vehicles must have their low beam headlights on when driving during the day. Taking a right turn on a red light is illegal here, unless it is accompanied by a green arrow.

Drivers should always keep an eye out for trams, since trams have the right of way over everything else on the road. In addition, drivers should stay out of the yellow lanes, since these are only for public transportation vehicles. Phones can only be used if they are in a hands-free mode. Another important driving law to keep in mind is that the legal alcohol limit is 0.03 percent.

Travelers to Belgrade should keep in mind that it is extremely hard to find good parking throughout Belgrade. This is especially true in the central areas of the city. However, there are public garages available that offer no maximum parking limits.

What to Do in Belgrade

The mix of old and new in Belgrade is exquisite and offers travelers something new every time they visit the city. One of the most popular historic sites to visit is the Belgrade Fortress. Visitors can tour the fortress and surrounding area for free, and this attraction gets over two million visitors per year.

Those looking for an outdoor adventure can visit Ada Ciganlija. This river island is a popular option for visitors and locals who want to take in the sun, have an adventure, or hit the water. In a weekend during the summer, Ada Ciganlija can easily get over 300,000 visitors.

The beauty of nature and the historic presence of the city come together in Belgrade to offer visitors a little bit of everything.

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