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Car rental in Dushanbe


Dushanbe is the capital of and largest city in Tajikistan. The name means "Monday" in the local Tajik language. It sits on the Varzob River and draws visitors from across the globe. Those visiting Dushanbe may be looking to rent cars during their trips. The rental options are limited, but there are a few rental cars available with drivers through some of the local hotel properties.

Finding a Rental Car in Dushanbe

Upon arrival at Dushanbe International Airport, travelers will need to rely on hotel shuttles or taxis to get to their hotels or rental properties. One of the limited options for rental cars is offered through the Hyatt Regency Dushanbe, which is a five-star property located in the heart of the city. When renting a car from the Hyatt Regency Dushanbe, guests will also have a driver to transport them around the area to the various sights and attractions.

Driving in Dushanbe

If drivers cross a border, they may be required to pay an import tax and other fees. For a motorbike, the import tax is around $15, while a vehicle could cost anywhere from $40 to $70. Most rental car companies in Tajikistan do not offer vehicles for self-driving on the Pamir Highway. Several neighboring countries offer rental cars, but visitors must return the cars to the same location they picked them up.

The roads in Dushanbe and the surrounding areas are mostly in good condition, although some are gravel. When driving from Dushanbe to Denau, the road is smooth and new, while the route to Kulob and Qal'ai Khumb includes gravel sections and new tarmac, with road construction taking place along the way.

Certain areas in Tajikistan are not safe to travel to, while others are restricted by local government. Roads outside of the main cities and towns aren't maintained very well, which means they're only accessible by vehicles equipped with four-wheel drive. Visitors should check their local government travel restriction travel sites before arriving in Tajikistan. Driving north of Dushanbe is possible via a new tunnel, but icy conditions during the winter months make this route very dangerous. When driving on the Pamir Highway, travelers need a permit to drive through the region of Gorno-Badakhshan, and this should only be done during daylight hours.

What to Do in Dushanbe

One of the top attractions in Dushanbe is the statue of Ismail Samani, a ruler from the 10th Century. This statue replaced an older and smaller statue of Lenin during the time of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. Visitors can view the statue within the Maydani Azadi, or Freedom Square. Another option is to get in touch with nature at one of the two botanical gardens in Dushanbe. The first is maintained by the Tajikistan Academy of Science and located in northern Dushanbe, while the other is an experimental garden managed by Tajik State National University.

Visitors who love music enjoy the Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments. It contains over 100 instruments on display. Gurminj Zavibekov, an actor and musician, started the museum in 1990. At the Tajikistan National Museum, tourists can learn about the culture and history of Dushanbe. 

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