Rental companies may charge extra for drivers under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before making your reservation.

Car rental in Pohang


Pohang lies on the South Korea's east coast and is the main hub of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. There are no direct flights from the U.S. to Pohang Airport, so chances are travelers will arrive via a connecting flight from either the Seoul or Daegu Airports. Once you arrive at Pohang International, visitors can pick a rental car they've pre-booked on Skyscanner. Visitors can check-in at the on-site car rental desk, Cheonma Rent-A-Car, and set off on their adventure. 

Renting a Car in Pohang

The requirements for renting a car anywhere in Korea are the same: drivers will need a valid International Driving Permit (an International Driving License will not suffice) and sometimes a driver's license issued by the country of residence. It's always wise to have a passport and credit card ready to go as well.

Travelers from the U.S. can obtain an International Driving Permit from the American Automobile Association, better known as AAA, for about 15 USD. Since the Pohang Airport is relatively small, there's only one rental car desk, Cheonma Rent-A-Car. The good news is that drivers can park in a free lot directly in front of the passenger terminal. 

Driving in Pohang

Getting around in Pohang by car is much easier than in larger South Korean cities like Seoul. Driving maps in English may be hard to come by, but most areas have street signs in Korean and English. Local transportation options include a bus system and trains to Daegu, Busan, and Seoul.

Things to Do in Pohang

Jukdo Market is one of the most famous fresh fish markets in all of Korea. It started out as a gathering of local vendors and grew into one of the largest open-air seafood markets on Korea's east coast. Travelers can enjoy authentic sashimi and the local specialty, Gwamegi, which is a half-dried Pacific herring.

Homigot, a fishing village nearby, is home to a famous massive bronze sculpture, the Hand of Harmony. Situated on what's known Tiger's Tail Cove, the eastern most point of Korea, photographers flock from around the world to capture the sunrise and rays beaming through the massive hand. Visitors may also reserve a space for a weekend city tour, which stops at Pohang's most famous attractions: POSCO, the world's largest steel company, Homigot Tourist Park, and Hwanho Sunrise Park. Tours depart at 9:30 in the morning, and reservations should be made by noon the Thursday prior. 

If visitors are really up for a seaside road trip, they can make the drive up the scenic National Road 7 dotted with various attractions to the famed Unification Observatory to marvel at the Seaside Buddha, arguably one of South Korea's most notable landmarks. Travelers should note that for long road trips like this, getting a Hi-pass is recommended. This pass will allow drivers to pass through tollbooths without having to stop. Your rental car will need an OnBoard Unit (OBU) to use the Hi-pass. OBUs can be bought in tandem with the Hi-Pass at most banks, gas stations, and some shopping malls.

Pohang is a charming seaside city that offers beautiful scenery, fantastic seafood, and unique photo ops for the seasoned and adventurous traveler.


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