Cheap Flights From Benin

Benin’s West African beauty lends itself to access a wide variety of destinations in Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Using our flight finding tool here at Skyscanner, we’ll make sure that you get the best deal for your flight wherever you choose to travel to and no matter which carrier you pick.

Where Will I Fly Out From?

Cotonou Cadjehoun International Airport is the main airport of Cotonou, the largest city in Benin. It’s also the only international airport, and therefore the airport that you’re most likely to fly out from. Cadjehoun is a mile and a half from downtown Cotonou, so you’ll be able to get there very easily via taxi.

Where Are Some Popular Destinations, And How Do I Get There Cheaply?

Cadjehoun International Airport is served by the following carriers:

  • ASKY Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • RwandAir
  • South African Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air France

Via these carriers, you’ll have access to the following destinations:

  • Paris
  • Lagos
  • Addis Ababa
  • Casablanca
  • Johannesburg
  • Istanbul
  • Brussels
  • Malabo

For the traveler seeking a European trip to a cosmopolitan area, Paris and Brussels are both excellent choices. For someone seeking a bit of a hodgepodge between Western and Islamic culture, check out Istanbul or Malabo. Flights to Paris and Brussels will be expensive year round, but likely least expensive during the European summer—but still quite expensive.

If you’re the most interested in the African regional flights that will also probably be the cheapest, drop by Johannesburg or Addis Ababa and see the cities that are the powerhouses of their nations’ economies. Flights to Joburg or Addis Ababa tend to stay at around the same price most of the year, save a spike in price around Christmas.

For a beautiful seaside resort vacation, Casablanca is hard to beat. It’ll be the most expensive to travel to Casablanca during the winter, as that’s when it’s the most temperate.

Navigating Benin’s Airport

To get to Cadjehoun airport, you can take a shuttle, a bus, or a taxi. Taxis have a regimented fare for the airport that runs about $14, so they’re probably the best option if you don’t mind spending a bit more. Bus fare is less than $3, but will be slow, without air conditioning, and crowded. The trip shouldn’t be hard to beat.

Once you’ve arrived at Cadjehoun, you won’t have much to do while waiting for your flight. There aren’t any food or drink venues, Wi Fi, or even air conditioning. Be sure to keep a close watch on your belongings while you wait, as the airport admits that it has a problem with crime and theft on its premises owing to a lack of security employees performing their jobs effectively.

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