Cheap Flights from Guatemala

Cheap Flights from Guatemala

Guatemala is a unique and gorgeous Latin American country just south of Mexico. The history of this great nation dates back to the Mayan civilization and because of this there are a plethora of sights to see there including Mayan ruins, architecture dating back to the conquistadors and more. If you have spent your fair share of time wandering the streets of Guatemala City or hiking through the rainforests and mountains to see those ancient ruins and breathtaking volcanoes, then you may be ready to explore the wonders another country has to offer.

Travel Hacks for Guatemala

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Airports in Guatemala

While Guatemala is a relatively small country, it does have numerous airport choices that you can fly out from. Some of these options include:

La Aurora International Airport

The La Aurora International Airport is located in the capital city of Guatemala City and is the largest and busiest of all the Guatemala airports. In 2016, this airport saw over 2,700,000 passengers go through the airport. Some of the top destinations from La Aurora International Airport include:

.   San José, Costa Rica

.   Miami, Florida

.   Bogotá, Colombia

.   Mexico City, Mexico

Mundo Maya International Airport

In comparison to the La Aurora International Airport, the Mundo Maya International Airport in Flores is quite a bit smaller. This airport only sees a little over 111,000 passengers every year. However, they do offer some international flights including destinations such as:

.   Washington, D.C.

.   San Pedro, Belize

.   Cancun, Mexico

Great Flight Deals from Guatemala

These popular destination options may help you get some ideas of where to go on your next trip. However, there are some great deals that you may not want to pass up. Some of these flight deals are:

.   San José, Costa Rica - You can fly from Guatemala to San José, Costa Rica for as little as $101 for a flight with only one stop and nonstop flights are available as well.

         .   Las Vegas, Nevada - For a getaway to the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can purchase tickets from Guatemala for a low price of $254.

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