Cheap Tickets from Phoenix

Cheap Flights from Phoenix

Are you on the hunt for the best flight deals from Phoenix? With a simple Skyscanner search, you can compare thousands of fares across hundreds of airlines to get the absolute best price for your trip. Start searching on Skyscanner now to find impossibly low fares on the cheapest flights from Phoenix.

Hot Flight Deals from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Get inspired to travel with these scorching hot flight deals from Phoenix that we found recently using Skyscanner.


●     Roundtrip flights from Phoenix to Denver for under $66 on Southwest

●     Nonstop flights from Phoenix to Chicago for only $101 on Spirit Air

●     Grab a last-minute from Phoenix to Las Vegas for as low as $110 each way on American Airlines

●     Nonstop, roundtrip flights from Phoenix to Seattle for just $87 on Frontier Airlines

●     Escape to Hawaii on a flight from Phoenix to Honolulu for under $480 roundtrip, through Delta Airlines


To find great flight deals like these, go to and fill out the search box using your travel dates, then click on “map view” in the upper right hand corner. Skyscanner’s interactive map tool gives users an at-a-glance view of incredible flight deals from your departure airport, all over the globe. To start a search on Skyscanner now, click here.

Tools, Tips and Travel Hacks to Save on Flights from Phoenix

When it comes to booking travel tickets on the internet, there are hundreds of sites that will do the job. But if you actually want to save money on your flight, using the right search engine is crucial to getting the best price.

What sets Skyscanner apart from other booking sites is its award-winning, easy-to-use search features. Skyscanner make it easy to find impossibly cheap airfare in an instant, especially when you know how to use its convenient tools to search like a pro.

For example, a Skyscanner search allows users to see flight prices in convenient graphs or calendar views, designed to highlight fluctuation in prices over time. Most of the time, simply waiting a day to travel can make a startling difference in the price--something that other travel sites won’t show you as clearly, if at all.

Another useful function is Skyscanner’s “Cheapest Month” feature, which allows users to see the cheapest travel fares over an entire week, month or even throughout the year.

For super-strength bargain shopping, combine Skyscanner tools together and see what comes up. For example, search over an entire year with an  “Everywhere” search from your departure city, and get inspired to travel to places you might never have considered before, for cheap.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport--America’s Friendliest Airport

They don’t call Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) “America’s Friendliest Airport” for no reason. If you’re lucky enough to call PHX your primary departure airport, you already know about the long list of features, amenities, and cheerful personnel that make traveling from, through or to Phoenix such a pleasant experience.

If you are new to the area, or haven’t done much traveling from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, read on. Apart from its beautiful facilities, state-of-the-art features and hundreds of stores, shops and restaurants, there are many features that you should be aware of to get the most out of your time in PHX.

The Sky Harbor Navigators

Have you ever wandered around an airport, searching cluelessly for a map, customer service desk, or even a janitor to help you find your gate? Or has it suddenly occurred to you while rushing through the middle of a busy airport corridor, that you have no idea if you’re going the right way? Add in flight times, luggage hauling, and TSA, and you’ve got the recipe for a miserable travel experience.

It’s happened to the best of us. Airports are enormous places, and it’s no wonder that people can get lost easily inside of them, especially if it’s their first time there.

The Sky Harbor Navigators are a team of cheerful, knowledgeable volunteers, strategically placed throughout the airport to help passengers find their way through PHX. You can spot a Navigator easily just by scanning the area for people wearing name tags and friendly smiles. If you need help, look around for one, and they’ll gladly help you get to where you need to go--without delay.

PHX’s Motorist Assistance Program

Travelers that park their cars in one of the parking lots or garages at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport should know about the Motorist Assistance Program. The program is dedicated to helping motorists resolve minor issues that frequently occur at airport parking garages all over the country.

If you’ve got a flat tire, need a jump start, locked yourself out of your car, or can’t find your car--call the team at the Motorist Assistance Program for help, at (602) 273-4545. If you don’t have a phone, look around for one of the blue call boxes throughout the airport parking areas, and press the button for immediate assistance.

Free Rides to PHX on the Valley Metro Rail/PHX Sky Train

Cancel the Uber and get to your flights from Phoenix on Sky Train, right from Downtown Phoenix. The train is designed for travelers with luggage and is absolutely free of charge.

Travelers can board the PHX Sky Train directly at the 44th/Washington light rail station for swift transport to all terminals and the East Economy parking lot. Travelers can also take Valley Metro lines 1 and 44 to access the airport.

For more details on routes, travel times, and transport, visit the Sky Harbor Phoenix Airport’s website for more information

Fear of Flying Motivational Program at PHX

Afraid to fly? Phoenix local airline pilot Captain Ron Nielsen’s program, Fear of Flying, may be just what you need to get over your aviophobia. Captain Ron provides free classes for people wanting some help to get over their anxiety when it comes to flying. All courses, classes, and events from the Fear of Flying program are held inside the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Private coaching is also available. For more information, visit the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport website and look for the Fear of Flying Program link under “Community Involvement and Programs”. 

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