Cheap Flights to North Korea

Cheap Flights to North Korea

If you are a person with a great deal of curiosity about the world around you and the differences in cultures and ways of life, one of the biggest adventures you can go on is a trip to North Korea. While outsiders were once denied entry to this unique Asian nation, recent changes in laws and policies have allowed tourists and curious travelers to visit some of the most famous sites in the nation and get a look at a culture and environment that was previously off-limits.

Cheap Flights to North Korea

When you are looking to fly to North Korea to explore all that there is to do or see in the region, you may be hoping to find the best possible deals on your travel accommodations. Luckily, Skyscanner can help you find cheap flights to North Korea so you can make your travel adventure dreams come true. Some of the tools at your disposal include:

Skyscanner App

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Cheapest Month

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Hotels and Car Rentals

In addition to helping you get the best prices on cheap flights to North Korea, Skyscanner can help you get set up once you arrive. With searches for both car rentals and available hotel rooms, you can have all of your needed travel accommodations booked head of time to make your trip as cheap as possible and go as smoothly as possible.

Airlines Flying to North Korea

Because of the strict laws in North Korea, all air travel in the country, particularly international air travel is limited. However, there are a few airlines that offer flight options to Pyongyang, the capital city.

Air China - Air China offers flights to North Korea from Beijing on a regular basis. This is the only Chinese city that currently offers flights to North Korea.

Air Koryo - Air Koryo is the national airline of North Korea and because of that, the majority of international and domestic flights are operated by this airline.

Attractions in North Korea

Much of North Korea is shrouded in mystery, and because the country is under strict governmental rule, there are many restrictions on where you can go and what you can see. In Pyongyang, one of the most popular sites is the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum where you can see North Korean artwork and learn about the national history. The Geumsusan Memorial Palace is also an interesting location to visit and you can learn about the past leaders of nation. For a more playful adventure, go to the Kaeson Youth Park which is an amusement park in Pyongyang with a variety of rides including roller coasters, a carousel, and a Ferris Wheel.

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