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Filled with musicians, artists, poets, and adventurers, Mexico City is vibrant, colorful, fun, and unapologetically weird, with a warm and welcoming vibe. This city of 20 million souls defies easy categorization, but offers unforgettable experiences to everyone who visits.

Flights to Mexico City Juarez International Airport (MEX)

The Mexico City International Airport sees more than 33 million travelers passing through each year. Passenger facilities consist of two huge terminals complete with on-site hotels and luxury lounges. With all major American airlines and many Mexican airlines offering direct routes from major American cities, it’s never hard to find cheap tickets to Mexico City.

There are no luggage trolleys at the airport. Instead, an enthusiastic crew of baggage carriers will descend on you to help you with your bags. This is safe and sanctioned by the airport: they will be uniformed. There isn’t a fixed fee for the service, but you should tip generously. Pre-arranging transport is recommended, or you can buy a secure taxi ticket from marked counters within the airport.

What to do in Mexico City

Mexico City is truly enormous. It’s been a city since pre-Columbian times, and each generation has built on the monuments of the next. It has often been called “The City of Palaces” because of the staggering number of ornate buildings gracing its streets.

Its relatively recent colonial roots are clearly visible in the architecture and open-air plazas of the city center, while the fringes of the city are home to greater antiquities such as the wondrous pyramids of Tenayuca, Santa Cecilia Acatitlán and Cuicuilco.

The superb Museo Nacional de Antropología in Chapultepec Park manages to present the gloriously long historical and cultural parade of Mexico in a world-class collection of priceless objects. If you’re in the mood for something unusual, don’t miss the antics of the masked Lucha Libre wrestlers in the Arena de Mexico.

Advice for Tourists Visiting Mexico City

You’ll get dry weather and idyllic temperatures in the mid- to high-70s if you visit between March and May, though you will see more crowds.

The official language here is Spanish, and you may find it difficult to navigate without a few rudimentary phrases at least. While many people do speak English, you should not rely on it: bring along a phrasebook. The currency is the Mexican peso. Currency laws have made it more difficult to exchange USD within Mexico, so plan ahead.

Driving isn’t recommended for visitors, but there’s a convenient underground Metro system, and safe, registered taxis from official taxi stands. In such a vast city, forward planning is essential. You may want to stay at different hotels in different districts, depending on your itinerary and the sights you want to see. Get everything sorted with Skyscanner’s helpful hotel price comparison tool. We’ll get you the best deals, and we won’t charge you anything.  

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