Cheap Flights to Peru

From the ancient mystery of Machu Picchu to the steamy lushness of the Amazonian rainforest, from the stark peaks of the Andes to the glorious urban chaos of Lima, Peru will seduce and satisfy your adventurer’s heart.

Flights to Peru

Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) serves more than 15 million travellers each year. LIM is a hub for five major Peruvian airlines: Avianca Peru, LAN Peru, Peruvian Airlines, Star Perú, and LC Perú. The airport is well connected to the country’s smaller regional airports, and to most other South American countries. Each of the major American airlines offer regular flights to Peru, all of them arriving at LIM.

Just 7 miles from Lima’s historic city center, LIM is almost certainly were you will begin your journey into the country’s wonders. Getting into the city is easy, with tour buses, hotel shuttles, an express bus, taxis, and vans. For security reasons, pre-book transportation or only use registered taxi companies. You can rent a car, but driving in Lima should only be attempted with extreme caution.

What to Do in Peru

Beginning in the capital city of Lima, devote a day to The National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History, which is bursting with the treasures of 5000 years of human history. Wander through Lima’s enchanting architecture, which combines pre-Columbian, colonial, baroque, and modern buildings. The city’s food bursts with the flavors of indigenous, Spanish, Asian and African cuisine in the savory offerings of street vendors and the rarified delights of novoandina (Peru’s version of nouvelle).

Beyond the city limits lie the historical and ecological marvels that have drawn travelers to Peru for hundreds of years. Whether you’re setting out on a pilgrimage across the Inca Trail, or trekking to Cañón del Cotahuasi, the deepest known canyon in the world, the sheer scale of Peru will simultaneously humble you and expand your soul.

Advice for Tourists Visiting Peru

Peru’s official language is Spanish, though many aboriginal tongues are spoken throughout the country. It helps to learn some basic Spanish instead of depending on English unless sticking to major cities or organized tours. The weather in Peru varies drastically between regions at any time of year, but June through August is generally cool and dry.

The Peruvian currency is the nuevo sol (S). When changing money, always ask for small denominations, and do not accept torn notes. If you want to save on accommodation in Peru, try Skyscanner’s hotel price comparison tool: it’s fast, easy, free, and the best way to find a great deal. 

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