Cheap Flights to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a popular island country/U.S. territory located in the northeastern region of the Caribbean. It is home to 3.6 million residents, many of whom live in the capital of San Juan. It’s not surprising why there are so many residents and travelers booking flights to Puerto Rico since the Caribbean Island is a tropical paradise with turquoise water beaches juxtaposed with vibrant city life.

The Airports of Puerto Rico

Although the island may be relatively small in comparison to others in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has 27 national airports in addition to 3 international airports. Most flights to Puerto Rico land at Luis Munoz Airport in San Juan, which caters to Delta, American Airlines, United, US Airways, jetBlue, and Southwest Airlines for U.S. direct flights.

Sights to See in Puerto Rico

Upon landing in Puerto Rico, every tourist should set some time aside for a stroll along Flamenco Beach. A daytrip to this sheltered cove with calm waters, is pure paradise. Adventure—seekers will have fun at Barefoot Travelers Kayak Tour and JungleQui Rainforest Ecoadventure Park. Explore the island in all its glory!

As with any island country, the cost of food and drink are higher than you would find on continental land. Shipping fees lead to price hikes for perishables, so be prepared to spend a bit more on your meals. Grocery shopping at local markets is the best way for long-term vacationers to get the best bang for their buck!

Advice for Tourists Visiting Puerto Rico

One of the most unique and interesting facts about Puerto Rico is its official bilingual status. Almost everyone who lives on the island speaks English and Spanish, most fluently. Puerto Rico’s climate and atmosphere holds true to the subtropical scene with hot temperatures and sunny days attracting millions of visitors annually.

The good news for tourists flying from the US to Puerto Rico is that the territory uses the American dollar as its national currency, though to avoid any confusion you may hear the money referred to as pesos as well. In addition, citizens of the United States do not need a passport to visit the country, either, which makes for easier and less stressful vacationing.

There are very few communication barriers given the prevalent English-Spanish bilingualism, but keep in mind that many locals still speak their native tongue. General inquiries and traveling agendas are not likely to be affected, but please be aware of this when speaking in casual conversations.

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