Cheap Flights to Arctic Region (North America)

The Arctic Region is a vast snowcapped wilderness area at the top of North America that is home to the northern borders of the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Russia, and Norway. It is a place where scientific research happens, wildlife habitats remain untouched by humans, and visitors can learn about native cultures who have survived on the cold frontier for thousands of years. The Arctic Region offers quiet vacation that is off the beaten path, and Skyscanner can help you get there for a cheap price.

Cheap Flights to the Arctic Region

There are several different airport options that will take you to the Arctic Region and Skyscanner will help you find the cheapest airfare around. Flights to these airports are limited, so you should plan your trip well in advance.

Kangerlussuaq Airport (SFJ) is one of the largest airports in Greenland, but is considered to be a small airport. You can catch a flight to Kangerlussuaq Airport with Air Greenland. This airport is located in the southwest region of the country.

Narsarsuaq Airport (UAK) is the other main airport in Greenland that is big enough to accommodate large passenger aircraft.  This airport is also located in the southern region of the country and is surrounded by beautiful lush green natural landscape. You can fly to this airport with Air Greenland

Deadhorse Airport (SCC) is located on the north slope of Alaska and hosts flights from Alaska Airlines.

Arriving in the Arctic Region

The Arctic Region is an up and coming tourist destination. Throughout history, this region was a destination mostly coveted by scientists who study natural elements of the Earth and wildlife. Airports in this region are simple and small and so you should not expect the mainstream amenities you would enjoy at major airports around the world.

Ground Transportation in the Arctic Region


Due to the largely barren areas of the Arctic Region, you should plan your ground transportation carefully before you head out on your travels. Public buses are hard to come by and your best options are to reserve a private shuttle or hire a car and driver while you are there.

Best Time to Travel to the Arctic Region

The best time to travel to the Arctic Region is during June and July when the sun is out 24/7. This is the time of year where the ice melts just enough so that tourists can explore all of the majestic beauty of the area.

Attractions in the Arctic Region

The Arctic Region is known for its remote villages, hunting and gathering history, and scientific explorations. While you are in the region, reserve your spot on a multi-day boat cruise. You will get to explore the harbors and see wildlife like polar bears, whales, and birds in their native habitat. Despite being a snow-covered cold weather desert, the Arctic Region does have restaurants spread around in the different countries that make up the area. Depending on which country you gain access to the Arctic Region from, be sure to check out the places you can eat while you are visiting. Explore the culture while you are there and visit an Inuit village. You can learn about the history of the people and how they survive in the cold and barren land.

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