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Hotels In Karratha

Karratha's location along the Western Australian coast gives it a tropical atmosphere and a resort-like feeling which you're sure to love. Karratha is one of the more urbanized destinations along the northern edge of the outback, making it a popular vacationing spot as well as a popular resting stop for those headed for the urban areas of the southwest.

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What Kinds Of Hotels Are In Karratha?

You'll find international chain hotels in Karratha as well as bed and breakfasts, local small hotels, and resort style hotels. If you're looking for a boutique hotel, there are a few to book in Karratha.

In general, hotels marketed as "lodges" are more like motels, with minimal service and minimal amenities for a low price. Hotels which market themselves as simply "hotel" are more likely to be midrange and mid quality offerings that you're well accustomed to.

What Can I Expect From My Hotel In Karratha?

Depending on the type of hotel you book in Karratha, you'll get a different set of amenities, but even the least expensive hotels should offer air conditioning, daily cleaning, and basic amenities. The more expensive hotels and the international chain hotels typically have pools, exercise rooms, room service, and other amenities which you may appreciate.

You should expect to be careful with your water usage while in Karratha. Some hotels may charge you extra if you use too much water--it's hard to come by in that region of Australia. There won't be a difference between hot water or cold water used if you're being charged for water, although you will find that most hotels have relatively small hot water tanks assigned to each room, so your showers can be a bit chilly much of the time.

Expect to get a bargain wherever you book in Karratha. There isn't a high amount of demand for hotels due to the area's remoteness, and there are plenty of options at every price point that you might be interested in.

You'll probably have to deal with a number of creepy bugs in your hotel room in Karratha--that's just Australia. It's not worth complaining to the management about these bugs because there's literally no way to remove all of them, so just live and let live.

Where Should I Book My Hotel Room In Karratha?

The exact location of your hotel room in Karratha depends on whether you decide to book one of the more expensive seaside resort hotels or one of the inland hotels located along the town's main drag.

There aren't any specific neighborhoods or areas to avoid in Karratha, but if you plan on visiting the national park or the beach, there are hotels that are very close to either destination. Keep in mind that there are only three roads into and out of Karratha, so your hotel will be relatively close to the highway no matter which you pick.