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Hotels in Vienna

Vienna’s location in gorgeous Austria is enviable, and a great destination for any traveler. Favored by Sigmund Freud and many other historical intellectuals, Vienna’s timeless aesthetics and rich history of culture make it one of the most compelling cities in Europe.

In Vienna, you’ll be able to wander coffee-shop lined streets, visit art museums, orchestras, theaters, and historical landmarks within the same afternoon. Known for having an extremely high quality of life and livability, Vienna is also extremely tourist friendly and has an abundance of infrastructure that makes visiting easy.

What Should I Expect From My Hotel In Vienna?

Hotels in Vienna will offer common European features like towel warmers, cookies left on the pillow, wine service, and included breakfast. Don’t expect most hotels to have amenities like spas, gyms, or pools, however.

The Viennese way of life means that hotels include other amenities like hotel cafés, beer halls, and cigar lounges. Above all, expect for the Viennese to respect your privacy while in your hotel room and to generally leave you alone unless there’s a pressing matter. Be sure to repay the courtesy.

You can also expect the hotels to offer modern features, even if the hotels themselves are very old. Many rooms in Vienna offer app-based environment control, entertainment system control, and even room service. In the same vein, many hotel rooms in Vienna eschew the age of their building by offering a postmodern design set, which may come off as a bit impersonal for a visitor expecting an ornately baroque set of furniture.

What Kinds Of Hotels Are There In Vienna?

Hotels in Vienna tend to be expensive, old, and independent. Though there are instances of chain hotels in Vienna, for the most part, Viennese hotels aren’t affiliated with a larger multinational brand.

The concept of a boutique hotel is thus a bit hard to fit into Vienna’s culture, as one might consider the majority of hotels there to fall under the “boutique” heading. By the same token, there aren’t bed and breakfasts or small inns in Vienna, as most of the independent boutique hotels are medium sized.

There are luxury hotels in Vienna, and they’ll have the same fare that one could expect in other international luxury hotels. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a room that fits your specifications in Vienna due to the sheer number of hotels there.

What Areas Can I Find A Hotel In Vienna?

Hotels are scattered around Vienna, although there is a major concentration in the city center near the Heldenplatz. Public transportation in Vienna is very good, so don’t be afraid to chase a deal by booking a hotel that’s farther out, such as the hotels distributed around Josefstadt or Margareten.