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Hotels in Governors Harbour

The administrative center of Eleuthera is a popular stopping point for sailors, surfers, and those just looking to relax on the distinctive pink sand beaches and swim with the sea turtles. In addition to beach fun, Governor's Harbour offers a great range of dining, nightlife, and shopping opportunities. It's also one of the world's most popular places for beach weddings.

The island of Eleuthera is not a large land mass, so there are relatively few hotels in the immediate area. Those that have managed to secure permits and land there tend to be very high-end properties, however. Regardless of where you choose to stay you're virtually assured private beach access and an overwhelming menu of amenities.

Peak and Low Seasons in Governor's Harbour

The high season in Governor's Harbour (and all throughout the Bahamas) is the winter, when the snowbirds from America and Europe flock to enjoy the mild and dry weather. Expect prices to spike for this season a little before Christmas and stay elevated until the various "spring breaks" finally peter out in late April. The handful of hotels on Eleuthera tend to fill up months in advance during this season, so don't expect anything to be available at the last minute.

One of the reasons the Bahamas is one of the world's premier vacation destinations is that the weather tends to stay the same balmy 75-85 degrees all year long. However, during the low season (June-November), you can expect frequent rain and sometimes strong winds. There's relatively little risk of getting hit by a hurricane in the Bahamas, but strong storms are always a possibility during this time. The upside is that the relative low ebb in tourism leads hotels to offer deep discounts.

Still, even in low season during rainy weather, the Bahamas are never an inexpensive place to vacation. Lodgings on all of the islands rarely drop below $100 USD per night even with deep discounts, and the hotels on Eleuthera tend to be two to three times higher than the lowest rates on the main island.

Hotels Near Popular Destinations in Governor's Harbour

You basically have three choices for a lodging location on the island of Eleuthera. You can stay at a resort in Freetown at the south end of the island, in one of the main clusters of hotels and resorts along Queen's Highway in Governor's Harbour, or at the northern end of the island in Gregory Town. The Governor's Harbour options will be closest to the island airport and also usually offer the lowest rates.

Luxury Hotels in Governor's Harbour

Just about every option in Governor's Harbour (and on Eleuthera) will meet most people's definition of "luxury." The swankiest options tend to be on the more isolated north and south ends of the island, however. The French Leaves Resort and Pineapple Fields Resort are probably going to be the highest-end options if you want to stay within Governor's Harbour.

Budget Hotels in Governor's Harbour

Not to be flippant, but there really aren't any. The handful of guest houses on the island and Daddy Joe's Hotel are going to be the most inexpensive options, but expect rates of around $100 USD per night at best.

Unfortunately for budget travelers, it's the same story throughout the rest of the Bahamas. Those truly dedicated to maximizing their travel dollars might consider staying in Miami and day-tripping out by boat or plane.