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Though it's often considered a Caribbean isle, Barbados is actually technically still within the Atlantic Ocean. It's surrounded by the same beautiful seas and enjoys a tropical climate that keeps things warm year-round, however, so it's understandable why that mistake is so commonly made.

Bridgetown is the largest city in Barbados by far and is the focal point for all tourism to the island. You can always expect isolated tropical islands to have high hotel prices, and the coastal city of Bridgetown is no exception to that rule of thumb. It's particularly high here however due to a fairly steady stream of vacationers. You can expect prices to range from about $70 to $400 USD a night even during the slower seasons. The hotels and resorts in Bridgetown nevertheless do tend to offer more competitive pricing than the ones scattered along the eastern coast of the island, as there are more of them in a dense cluster competing with each other.

Of course, as with any destination, you'll get the best value for your money if you shop around and time your trip as wisely as possible.

Tips for Visiting Bridgetown

As far as weather goes, Barbados has two basic seasons -- warm and wet from June to November, and then more dry and slightly less warm (but still over 70 degrees every day) from December to May. Naturally, the busiest season is from around the start of winter to mid-spring, as people flee colder climes to enjoy a tropical vacation.

Though it's technically not in the Caribbean, Barbados is still in the notorious "hurricane zone" active during the summer and early fall months. However, Barbados is situated in such a way that hurricanes forming in the area tend to pass it by, or only glance across the coast while still in a tropical storm state. That doesn't mean the island can't possibly be hit by one, but the last hurricane to actually make landfall on the island was in 1980, and major storms in the area since then have mostly passed by at least 20 miles. It's always wise to keep an eye on weather forecasts, of course, but don't be afraid to visit Bridgetown during the summer months when the hotel rates tend to be a little lower.

If you're looking for (or to avoid) major events, there's a few to take note of. The Holetown Festival in February is the first big celebration of the year, honoring the founding of the country. There's also the Barbados Reggae Festival (usually stretching from late April to early May), the final weekend of the summer-long Crop Over Festival in August, and the Barbados Food, Wine and Rum Festival in November.