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Hotels in Belmopan

Belize's capital city is a popular destination for outdoorsy vacationers, and also for American expats looking to relocate to a relaxed tropical city with a relatively low cost of living. Though it sees a good amount of visitor traffic, Belmopan has relatively few hotels for a capital city, with only about two dozen places to choose from. Fortunately, pricing is almost always very reasonable in spite of the limited options.

Peak and Low Seasons in Belmopan

Peak season throughout Belize is the regional dry season, which lasts from November to April. The country as a whole experiences much more tourism during this time, but the weather is also much more favorable. If you visit during the low season, expect some great travel deals but also to potentially deal with rain during most of your trip.

The best overall window for deals is during the month of May. Hotels usually drop their prices for the low season right at the start of the month, yet the rain often holds off for weeks. It's a bit of a gamble, but visitors in May often get both the great weather and the great prices, especially in the first half of the month.

Some major annual events and festivals in the area include Carnaval in February, the agriculture and livestock shows in March, Sovereign's Day in May, and Independence Day on September 21. Christmas and Boxing Day also usually see large crowds in the area.

Hotels Near Popular Destinations in Belmopan

The lodging options in Belmopan are fairly spread out around the city, and since there are relatively few of them, being in a specific area usually means you're stuck with only one or two choices.

If you want to be as close to Guanacaste National Park and the Roaring Creek area as possible, your best bets are the Banana Bank Lodge, Belize Jungle Dome, Toucan's Nest Resort and the Super Palm Resort. The hotels that are more centrally located in the city are only a short drive away, however.

There are some other lodging options in the smaller cities just outside of Belmopan along the Western Highway in both directions. The Ontario Village area to the west often has better pricing than the hotels in Belmopan, if you don't mind a 30 minute drive to get to the city.

Luxury Hotels in Belmopan

The most upscale options in the area are the Dream Valley Resort, Villa San Juan, Banana Bank Lodge and the Yim Sam Hotel.

The resorts in the area are usually a little ways out into the jungle, and own a private swath of land for guests to use. Be aware that the word "resort" in the name is not a guarantee of quality or of any particular amenities in this area.

Expect a usual rack rate of about $75-100 USD per night for Belmopan's best accommodations.

Budget Hotels in Belmopan

Budget travelers will want to look to the various guest houses and bed and breakfasts in the area for the best possible pricing for a nice room. Some examples are the Hacienda Tropical, Rock Farm, Bull Frog and Belmopan B&B. Expect a rack rate of about $30-50 USD for these types of rooms most nights.