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Hotels in Sucre

Sucre has historically been the main retreat destination for Bolivia's elite, but it has something to offer for travelers of every budget, and on an international scale the pricing is actually quite attractive for such a nice area. Visitors can expect to find a very nice hotel room for well under $100 USD on any given night of the year, and budget options under $20 (such as hostels) are also available.

Peak and Low Seasons in Sucre

Sucre's best weather is from May to October, when there is almost no rain. You'll find the best deals during the off-season, but you'll also be dealing with frequent rain during this time. The depths of the regional summer (December to March) are particularly tough on travelers as local roads are prone to get washed out by storms.

You may also see a spike in prices during Bolivia's annual religious festivals. The biggest of these locally are the Easter Holy Week, Achocalla in early January, and the Efemerides de Sucre in late May.

Hotels Near Popular Destinations in Sucre

The Central Plaza and area just around it are where most of the big points of interest in Sucre are, as well as dining and nightlife. Most lodging is in this area or only a short distance away. You'll find any type of lodging in this area, from budget hostels to luxury hotels.

There are also a cluster of hostels and guest houses close to the Parque Bolivar, a major social center for the city that is often hosting some event or another.

It's fortunate that lodging in Sucre is so inexpensive, because there is almost nothing for miles outside of these main clusters in the city. Sucre is fairly isolated, a bus ride of 12 hours or more to other major cities like La Paz. The only other option for lodging anywhere nearby is Potosi, which is about a three-hour drive to the southwest.

Luxury Hotels in Sucre

Sucre's most luxurious hotels are the Parador Santa Maria and the Mi Pueblo Samary. These are the only two that generally get five-star ratings from travel organizations, but there are also a wide range of four-star options that will probably be upscale enough to suit most. These include the Colonial, the Glorieta, the Hotel de Su Merced and the Monasterio. Expect these rooms to be in the price range of $50-75 USD on any given night.

Budget Hotels in Sucre

Sucre's hotel inventory leans midscale to upscale, but there are several budget hotels with private rooms available that run about $25 to $50 USD per night. If you're looking in this price range, local bed and breakfasts often offer the best value.

The lowest-priced options are a number of hostels that run from $5 to $15 USD per night. Hostels are often located in old colonial houses with beautiful architecture. The downside is that though they usually provide WiFi, it is also often extremely slow.

Most lodgings in Sucre have someone on staff who speaks English, but this is not guaranteed at all of the hostels. If you don't speak Spanish it is a good idea to have a means of translation on hand.