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Hotels in Cuiaba

Cuiaba’s location in Brazil is a melting pot of cultures located deep in the tropical rainforests that’s an increasingly hot tourist destination. Cuiaba is rich with history, close to other historic cities, and built with a stunning modernity that draws the line between old Brazil and new Brazil.  

Bring your summer outfit and start practicing your Brazilian; Cuiaba is hot year round and hasn’t fully gotten used to tourists yet.

Where are the hotels located in Cuiaba?

Cuiaba’s hotels are scattered all over the city, but the Centro neighborhood probably has the highest concentration of hotels that are tourist friendly. Located relatively close to the Parque Mae Bonifacia, the Centro district is where the nightlife, cultural life, and business activity of Cuiaba occur at all hours of the day and night.

There are a few hotels littered around the centro politico administrativo, though these are typically more expensive than comparable hotels elsewhere and a bit farther from the difficult areas of the city. In general, you’ll want to book your hotel north of the Cuiaba River. South of the river has much worse access to the rest of the city, which is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time.

What prices are hotels?

Hotels in Cuiaba tend to be less than $100, although if you book with one of the major international hotels, you’ll pay about twice as much. Booking with the smaller hotels and hostels in Cuiaba can drive your costs down to less than $50, but you’ll have fewer amenities as a result.

If you’re concerned about doing business while in Cuiaba, there are a number of hotels earmarked specifically for use for business clients, though these are a little bit more expensive than their correlates elsewhere. Book with us here at Skyscanner to make sure that you get the best deal possible when you travel to Cuiaba.

Can I find a five-star hotel?

There are a couple of five-star hotels in Cuiaba, but you’ll have to hunt for them. On the whole, most hotels in Cuiaba don’t have any star rating and don’t aspire to have one, either. 

Can I book a specific hotel/hotel brand?

You will probably have trouble booking a specific brand of hotel, as many of the international chains are not present in Cuiaba. There may be some local Brazilian chains which have a hotel in Cuiaba, but these are likely clustered around the other mid-sized hotels and not significantly different.

What are the cool hotel options?

Hotels like Hotel D’Luca bring modern Brazilian architecture, great value, a central location, and a uniquely Brazilian experience to anyone who visits. Keep an eye out for this style of hotel in Cuiaba; hotels with contemporary architecture and a trendy appearance are all the rage.

You’ll have to pay slightly more for the privilege of staying in the hotels that represent new Brazil, but they’re well worth the extra cash—these hotels stand for the decades of socioeconomic progress that Brazil has recently gone through, and they’re eager to fit into Westerner’s expectations.