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Hotels in Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Hotels

Rio de Janeiro is the home of samba and bossa nova music, the famous Ipanema beach, the wild and raucous Carninval, the Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado mountain (the largest art deco statue in the world), and sunset views from Sugar Loaf Mountain. In short, Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s entertainment and spiritual capital. It is also host to a great many hotels. If you know how to search for hotels in Rio, you can make your stay truly comfortable and enjoyable.

How Do I Book a Rio de Janeiro Hotel?

Skyscanner provides you with a free tool to search for and book a hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Rio is home to all types of travelers, from backpackers to guests seeking luxury accommodations.

You can customize your search to fit your needs. Search Rio hotels by price range, or look for hotels that are ranked on a scale of one to five stars. You can narrow your search even more by selecting the amenities you would like, such as a spa, a hotel shuttle, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a business center, or room service. Visit the Skyscanner Rio de Janeiro hotel page to find more available amenities in this city’s hotels.

Also search for hotels by whether they allow free cancellations or offer a complimentary breakfast.

If you don’t want a hotel, you can search for apartments, hostels, and bed and breakfast accommodations.

Where are are Rio de Janeiro Hotels Located?

You can choose the district you want to stay in. Rio has six districts: Copacabana, Ipanema, Centro, Barra de Tijuca, Leblon, and Jacarepagua.

How Much Do Hotels in Rio de Janeiro Cost?

The price you pay depends on when you travel. Expect higher prices during Carnival. The range for rooms runs from as low as $40 per night to well over $7,000 per night. The lower end tends to be hostels and bare-bones accommodations, while the upper end is for a luxury stay. In between, you will find hotels at every imaginable price. Your cost will depend on what features you want in a room or hotel, as well as the location and season.

Can I find Five-Star Hotels in Rio de Janeiro?

You can find many five-star hotels, and you might be surprised by the cost. Certainly, there are expensive rooms in this category, but you can find five-star rooms for as little as $120 per night. Scroll through the list of five-star hotels to find the best fit for you, and check back often to see if any new rooms have become available.

Can I Find Hotels for Families in Rio de Janeiro?

You can easily find family-friendly hotels in Rio by searching for places with amenities like babysitting or a playground. This will narrow your search to hotels that welcome families.

Are Unique Hotels Available?

You will find boutique hotels throughout Rio. Some are economy establishments, while others offer a more luxurious boutique hotel experience. Be sure and search through all the price ranges for one-of-a-kind hotels.

Can I Search for Chain Hotels?

Many chain hotels offer rooms in Rio. You will find Best Western, Novotel, Mercure, Rede Atlântico, Hilton, Quality, and Royal Tulip hotels.