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Hotels in Sofia

Sofia is a historical and large city in Bulgaria that’s known for its beautiful architecture, art, and natural beauty. Sofia is also quite challenging for foreigners to navigate for a number of reasons, the foremost being language. Almost everything in Sofia is in Cyrillic, and few people speak English. If you book your hotel with us here at Skyscanner, you’ll have an edge when it comes to dealing with the locals and save money to boot.

Where are the hotels located?

Sofia’s old city is actually a location with a lot of hotels. Near the central cemetery and the Park Borisova Gradina, there are many small and mid-sized hotels which should offer you a good experience. If you’re interested in getting a cheaper hotel in a less touristy part of town, the eastern extremes of the city near the airport have a few hotels to choose from also.

What prices are hotels?

Most of the hotels in Sofia are less than $100 per night, though there are a number of exceptions for the older and more historic hotels that have built up a tradition of excellence—for some, hundreds of years of excellence. In the central part of the old city, you’ll find both the best deals on hotels as well as the largest range of hotel prices to pick from.

Where can I find cheap hotels?

If you’re really interested in saving a few dollars, you can go to the far eastern extremes of Sofia near the airport and find slightly cheaper hotels. The travel time to the center of the city will be about 20 minutes, which won’t be so bad, but you should only expect to save a dozen dollars per night for your trouble. Additionally, it can be hard to sleep if your hotel is underneath the flight path.

Where can I find unique hotel types?

Sofia is littered with unique hotel types, ranging from Scotty’s Boutique Hotel—an art-deco style hotel in an ancient neighborhood—to the more traditional Budapest Hotel Sofia, which brings traditional old world charm in a beautifully aged package. Most of the hotels in Sofia are unique in the sense that they are likely a living part of history.

You can also choose to stay in a few of the international chain hotels, though these are decidedly less unique than the independent hotels.

What should I expect from Sofia’s hotels?

The standards of Sofia’s hotels vary wildly with the trendiness and the cost. Many of the older hotels may charge a premium, yet offer rooms which haven’t been renovated for decades. See if you can scope out a room first before confirming your booking in person.

Otherwise, the standard hotels in Sofia offer breakfast and internet access. The five-star hotels will likely have spas, pools, gyms, and business centers, though don’t expect the same of the hotels in the old city, as they’re likely too thin to accommodate these wide amenities. Towel warming racks are standard in most rooms, but be aware that they’re often poorly maintained and can give you a bad burn even when they claim to be off.