Arctic Bay

Apr 20, 2019 - Apr 21, 2019

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The Arctic Bay is an area of the Borden Peninsula in Nunavut, Canada. Traditionally a habitat of the Native American tribes in the area, the Arctic Bay is one of the most remote human settlements and is often the last stop for trekkers headed to other locations throughout the Arctic ice shelves.

The Arctic Bay is a challenging location for travelers, but with our help here at Skyscanner, you’ll be able to book a hotel in this chilly and rocky outcropping to act as a base for your Arctic adventure.

Where can I book a hotel?

Your options for booking a hotel in the Arctic Bay are very limited. The hamlet has a population of less than a thousand people, and most of those people are Inuit. There are a grand total of two hotels in the Arctic Bay, and both of them are located on the ledge northwest of the Arctic Bay Airport.

Booking with these hotels can be difficult due to the language barrier, but English is typically sufficient to close the loop and get the kind of room that you want. Keep your expectations of your room low; your room will be clean, but small, and with few frills.

What prices are hotels?

Arctic Bay hotels are priced cheaply, and offer little in return in terms of amenities, though their shelter from the freezing winds and subzero temperatures of the Arctic itself will be features that you appreciate immensely.

The standard set of amenities are absent from Arctic Bay hotels, although you’ll still have access to hot water, which may be in limited supply. Your hotel room will probably be cleaned on a daily basis if you request it.

You may have a hard time picking between the Tangmaarvik Hotel and your other option, the Enokseot Hotel. Do not stress over this decision. There is little difference in pricing, amenities, or aesthetics between these two Inuit-run hotels. You probably won’t have any problem finding a vacancy at either of these hotels, although some years resort groups book out blocs of the hotels to observe the midnight sun, so plan your trip’s timing accordingly.

What should I expect from my Arctic Bay hotel?

Your room will have a view of the rocky Arctic hills, and may even have a glimpse of the freezing bay itself.

Your room will have hot water, potentially maid service, a continental breakfast, and enough heating and blankets to keep you warm. You may have to pay a surcharge if you visit during the winter months to account for any additional heating fuel use or hot water use.

Importantly, you should expect your Arctic Bay hotel to have extremely heavy and light blocking curtains. These curtains function to keep out the nearly omnipresent sun during certain months and prevent heat from escaping your hotel room.

Your hotel room will likely have a TV, but high-speed internet will likely cost you extra, as will phone service. Your hotel will also be able to arrange transport to the airstrip and perhaps recreational destinations like sleigh rides.


The nearest airport to Arctic Bay is Arctic Bay (YAB) (11.73 miles).

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