North Spirit Lake

Apr 22, 2019 - Apr 23, 2019

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A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, North Spirit Lake is a popular destination for fishermen in Ontario, Canada. Like other nearby lakes, North Spirit Lake features walleye and other popular lake species. Due to its remote location, North Spirit Lake is accessible by plane only. However, its remote location does not deter those serious about fishing. If you are looking to take an exciting outdoor vacation, be sure to use Skyscanner to book a hotel in or near North Spirit Lake so you can enjoy its outstanding fishing and picturesque woodland setting.

Where Can I Book a North Spirit Lake Hotel?

Skyscanner is designed to help travelers find great deals on flights anywhere in the world, hotels, and car rentals. Travelers heading to remote locations in Ontario like North Spirit Lake can use Skyscanner’s search tools and travel resources to find hotels that meet their needs as well as their budget. You don’t have to be personally knowledgeable about any location; you can trust Skyscanner to locate area hotels so you can book your stay in advance of your journey.

How Can I Book a North Spirit Lake Hotel?

When you visit Skyscanner, simply click on the hotel tab to perform your search. Type in North Spirit Lake and provide any other required information such as the dates of your proposed stay as well as the number of rooms you’re looking to book. Skyscanner will then generate a list of hotels or, in this case, lodges that can accommodate your travel dates.

How Affordable Are North Spirit Lake Hotels?

During peak fishing season, travelers aren’t likely to find the types of deals on offer during the off season. However, because North Spirit Lake is remote, it’s usually possible to find inexpensive lodging. Travelers can find area motels that charge about $50 a night. Rates may be lowered during the week and during non-peak travel times. Keep in mind that some establishments close for the season and may not be open during non-season times, so be sure to book your stay in advance to ensure that you’ll have a room when you arrive in North Spirit Lake. Otherwise, travelers should plan to spend about $100 and up for basic area accommodations.

Are There Luxury and Boutique Hotels in North Spirit Lake?

North Spirit Lake does not boast the style of hotels and resorts that one expects to find in Toronto and Montreal. However, it is home to rustic lodges and inns that are quite comfortable. Even its chain hotels feature amenities that are important to many travelers like Wi-fi and climat control. One of the most popular establishments in the area is North Spirit Lake Lodge, which has been in existence since 1974. The main lodge is accompanied by multiple cabins that can accommodate groups of people. The average price of a cabin rental here is $1,000, but the real estate is prime and the fishing is great.

Owing to its rustic and remote location, North Spirit Lake does not feature special family-friendly venues; however, there’s no doubt that many a kid has been thrilled to get out on the lake and fish. The beauty of the scenery and enchantment of the surrounding forestlands makes this area of Ontario popular with people of all ages who love to spend time outdoors.


The nearest airport to North Spirit Lake is North Spirit Lake (YNO) (2.68 miles).Other nearby airports include: Keewaywin (33.68 miles) Sandy Lake (40.22 miles) Deer Lake (44.88 miles)

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