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Wrigley is a little known unincorporated hamlet in Kentucky. Wrigley’s population is small, and much of the town is made of the characteristically Kentucky woodland. There are a few areas in Wrigley that have natural beauty like the Wrigley falls waterfall and the land bridge, but otherwise, you’re probably just passing through Wrigley.

Finding a hotel in Wrigley itself isn’t possible, but with our help here at Skyscanner we can give you a few clues on where to find hotel rooms that are somewhat near Wrigley.

Where can I book a hotel?

There are no hotels in Wrigley itself; the town doesn’t even have so much as an elementary school. There aren’t any major attractions in Wrigley per se, and the same can be said of most of the other small communities nearby.

In the towns nearby within Morgan County, there are a few hotels. You’ll be able to find a couple of lodges east of Wrigley along route 7, and a few more hotels north-west of Wrigley along route 519, in Clearfield.

The hotels that you’ll find in Morgan County outside of Wrigley are extremely small, and likely have very few amenities. Be sure to bring clothing that is weather appropriate, as Wrigley does experience all four seasons despite being mildly cool in the winter and quite hot in the summer.

What prices are hotels?

Hotels around Wrigley are dirt cheap, and you won’t be able to find anything that costs you more than $100 per night. The same goes for nearly all other goods and services in the Morgan County area. The pricier hotels are the ones in Clearfield along route 60, which are nearby beautiful swamplands.

The mountains to the north of Wrigley are the area’s main attraction, so keep in mind that the prices of hotel rooms may increase the closer you get to them, especially landmarks like Poppy Mountain. Once you’re on the other side of the mountain, prices should drop again. It probably isn’t worth traveling any farther to get a better deal on a hotel when you’re in the Wrigley area, as you’ll have to travel quite a long distance and you probably won’t be saving more than $20 or so per night.

Can I book a specific hotel/hotel brand?

No, there aren’t enough hotels around Wrigley to get picky about which brand of hotel you book your stay at. While you can avoid a campground in favor of a lodge or a Hampton Inn, there is very little in the way of upscale lodging around Wrigley, and you’ll need to travel upwards of 20 miles to find any kind of hotel at all.

The hotels that you will find near Wrigley will almost always have vacancies and will offer simple rooms that contain a TV, a bed, and not much else. You’ll probably have to request to have your room cleaned, and you may be charged extra for parking if your vehicle has a camper or other large trailer.


The nearest airport to Wrigley is Wrigley (YWY) (3.38 miles).

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