Easter Island

Oct 25, 2019 - Oct 26, 2019

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Easter Island is known mostly for its enigmatic head-shaped idols called moai which litter the island by the hundreds but is increasingly visited as a tourist destination. Easter Island is unlike any other place in the world thanks to the anthropological findings everywhere in sight. It’s also a tough destination to book a hotel in, which is why we here at Skyscanner are here to help you get the best deal and navigate your trip to the land of the moai.

Where are the hotels located on Easter Island?

Most of the hotels on Easter Island are located on the island’s southwestern beach settlement, though there are a handful of other hotels scattered around the island’s interior. Of the hotels in the settlement, most are within walking distance to the airport.

You’ll find the most of the hotels in the settlement have beautiful ocean views, though perhaps not very good views of the moai statues that you may have visited Easter Island to see in the first place.

Can I book a hotel near the moai idols?

The hotels scattered around the interior of the island are the closest you can get to lodging near the moai idols on Easter Island. The hotels on Easter Island located near the moai have a more remote and almost alien feeling to them than those at the main settlement, which is a feeling many tourists seek when they travel to Easter Island.

Though the hundreds of moai are nearly everywhere except the major settlement on the island, you should be able to find a hotel on Easter Island with moai in every direction the eye can see, provided that you’re willing to pay the premium.

What prices are hotels on Easter Island?

Hotels on Easter Island tend to be somewhat expensive, with many costing over $100 and a fair number costing over $200. The resort hotels are even more expensive and can be as pricey as $500 per night depending on the exact accommodations.

Can I book a specific hotel/hotel brand?

In short, no. Easter Island is not a place where globalization has brought a host of international hotels, and so your options will be limited to small and medium-sized local hotels which may vary drastically in quality.

You aren’t going to find any international chain hotels or any branded hotels of any kind. On the bright side, there aren’t any particularly famous hotels or resorts on Easter Island that are sought after more than any other, so you should be getting a decent room no matter where you end up booking.

What should I expect from my hotel room?

Expect your hotel room on Easter Island to maintain three-star standards. You will have maid service, but perhaps not room service. There are many hotels with a little bit of beachfront that you can lounge on and order a cocktail, but few hotels with expansive spas or gyms. Pools are relatively common among hotels, though it can be hard to find high-speed internet access due to Easter Island’s remote location.

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Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City, California, USA

One of the most isolated and mysterious islands of the world. It was on my bucket list and always wanted to go there to see the Moai's, finally made it out there here on this year's South America trip. Only stayed 3 days / 2 nights here but saw and learned a lot about the island's history and its people.

Juno Kim
Juno KimAnchorage, Alaska, USA

There's no extra explanation needed for the Easter Island. A small Polynesian island off Chilean coast, Easter Island is land like no other. The strong heritage and culture is enough to get your attention. The iconic moai statues are everywhere in the island, and we still don't know everything about them. The best way to see the island is by foot and bike. It's small enough to see everything by slow-travel. Don't rush; feel the energy of the land.

Joshua Valdivia
Joshua ValdiviaSan Borja, Lima, Peru

Since i'm from Sudamerica, going to an island near New Zealand and similar places was a suberb chance to get to know another culture. If you speak spanish, it is easier to feel comfortable in this magic place. Take care of your budget because it is an all-around expensive experience.

Joseph Coureur
Joseph CoureurNew York City, New York State, USA

Easter Island is an amazing trip. It takes a bit of travel to reach since it's one of the most remote islands in the world, but once you are there you're in for a treat if you're the outdoorsy sort of person. There's not much to do but hike, enjoy the scenery, and eat some of the best seafood you will ever find. The tuna dishes in the restaurants were amazing.


The least expensive month is December, with an average of $105 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Easter Island is July, with an average price of $139 per night.
The average price of a hotel in October last year was $100 per night. This is 11% less than the average nightly price of $112 seen over the previous 12 months.
In Easter Island, the expected average temperature in October is 19.4°C/66.8°F. The warmest month is typically February, which averages 27.5°C/81.5°F. The coolest month is July, with temperatures averaging 15.8°C/60.4°F.
The nearest airport to Easter Island is Easter Island (IPC) (4.72 miles).

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