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Apr 21, 2019 - Apr 22, 2019

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The Mountain Town With Amazing Scenery

One of the 12 prefecture-level divisions located in Inner Mongolia, Alxa League, is surrounding by a wonderful array of natural landscapes.  On your trip to the Alxa League area, there are many natural and historic landmarks that you will want to make a priority on your journey.  Make sure to stop by the Guangzong Temple, Juyanhai Lake, the Ejina Diversifolius Polar National Nature Reserve, Helanshan Mountain, Black City Ruins, and Ceke Port.

Where Can I Book Hotels in Alxa League, China?

On your trip to Alxa League, China you can find any accommodations you are looking for at Skyscanner. Finding a cheap hotel in Alxa League is as simple as utilizing  Skyscanner’s hotel search tool to sort your hotel search results by your desired price, star rating, and even its available amenities.

Where are the Hotels in Alxa League?

You can find the largest concentration of Alxa League hotels along the main highways and roadways in the area.  Two of the best places to start are along the G110 and G109.  These two main roadways run along the mountain and are two of the most significant roadways to get to the city.

How Much Does a Hotel Cost in Alxa League, China?

Much of the hotel accommodations are on the lower end of the price spectrum in the city of Alxa League.  Per room, per night, you can expect to pay rates as low as $18 to $45.  On the higher end of the price bracket, you may find yourself spending anywhere from $55 to $140 per night for your stay.

What Hotel Amenities can you Expect to Find in Alxa League Hotels?

Most of the hotels in Alxa League offer some essential amenities found at many hotel locations including free Wi-Fi and free parking on site.  Some of the higher star rated accommodations offer banquet and business facilities on-site.  Others have complimentary robes, hotel bars and dining, pools, laundry service, and even concierge.

Can I Book a Hotel by Swan Lake?

Many of the hotels in the Alxa League area are a short drive from Swan Lake which is a beautiful scenic spot for a day trip.  To make your travel easier check with the front desk for the best route to take to your final destination.

4 and Hotels in Alxa League, China

While there are many 2 and 3-star hotel options in Alxa League, there are also some 4-star accommodations that are available in the area.  If you are looking for some 4-star accommodations you may want to consider:

  • Alashan Xinhua Inn
  • Haiyue Jianguo Hotel
  • Xueyuan Hotel
  • Taixi International Hotel
  • And more you can find using Skyscanner’s hotel search tool.

Where Can I find Hotel Reviews?

You can help find the best hotels for your needs by checking out the reviews at Skyscanner.  You can use Skyscanner’s hotel search tool and click on reviews.  You will find honest reviews from travelers just like you.

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The nearest airport to Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot is Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot Airport (AXF) (28.29 miles).

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