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Hotels in Dunhuang

The former Silk Road outpost of Dunhuang is now most popular as a home base for travelers looking to visit the Mogao Caves, as well as the local museums and temples. Exhibitions into the "singing" sand dunes of the Gobi Desert in the nearby Yueyaquan National Park are also a common activity among visitors.

You'll find a wide range of different types of lodging in Dunhuang, most of which are very attractively priced. Options include hostels, guest houses, regular hotels and luxury / business hotels with high-end amenities.

Peak and Low Seasons in Dunhuang

The general peak season for tourism to Dunhuang is May to October, when the weather is warm and pleasant and many countries are on extended school breaks. You'll also see higher traffic during China's "Golden Week" celebrations during the Lunar New Year and at the start of October.

Dunhuang is also the most frequently used gateway to the Gansu province, so events elsewhere in Gansu may cause local spikes in hotel and airfare demand.

Winter is low season due to the weather getting very cold in the area and most of the local points of interest being outdoors. You'll often find lodging prices are halved during this time, however.

Hotels Near Popular Destinations in Dunhuang

The vast majority of Dunhuang's lodging options are clustered along or just off of Special Road near the river at the center of the city. There's a smaller cluster just to the southeast in the Yueya Spring area (aka Crescent Lake), a beautiful natural oasis on the edge of the desert.

The only options closer to the Mogao Caves are the Geng Du Ren Jia Guesthouse and the Sun Village Hotel, though one must still make a lengthy drive down S217 to get there. A bus makes regular daily trips from Dunhuang to the caves, and there are also many inexpensive taxi options, so there is not much advantage in staying outside of the city.

Luxury Hotels in Dunhuang

Dunhuang's ritziest hotel options are the Silk Road Hotel, which features a rooftop restaurant with great views of the sand dunes surrounding the city, and the Dunhuang State Garden Hotel. Expect rack rates for these hotels to be about $100-120 USD per night.

For about half that rate you can usually get a room at the Dunhuang Tianrun International or the Grand Soluxe Hotel, which are three or four stars depending on the criteria used for rating.

Budget Hotels in Dunhuang

Dunhuang has dozens of hotels that are usually in the price range of $25 USD or less per night. In addition to the many locally-owned options, there is a Super 8 property in the city that is usually around this price range.

The most inexpensive possible options are a handful of hostels and guest houses, which generally run about $10-15 USD per night.

Staff at lodgings in Dunhuang generally speak limited to no English, but they usually have fluent interpreters on staff to handle check-ins and questions from guests, even at the inexpensive hostels.