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Hotels in Hangzhou

The prosperous Chinese city of Hangzhou, formerly known as Hangchow, is located in Eastern China in the southern Yangtze Delta region. With its multitude of attractions that include West Lake, Unesco World Heritage Site, the city is a popular destination for travelers from all around the globe. Hangzhou is situated on the southern terminus of the Grand Canal of China, another popular city attraction. Not surprising, Hangzhou is home to many affordable and world-class hotels that cater to the travelers who stay in the city for either business or pleasure. From its teahouses and theatres to its shopping centers and nature-inspired attractions, Hangzhou beckons tourists who want to find out why this city has such a remarkable reputation for friendliness and beauty.

How to Book Hotels in Hangzhou

To locate a hotel in Hangzhou, simply try out Skyscanner’s amazing array of search tools and travel resources. You can easily plug in your search term, the dates you plan to stay in the city, and the number of rooms you need, and Skyscanner will generate a convenient list that you can peruse to find a hotel that suits your needs. Once you select an establishment that offers the amenities you want at the price you can afford, you can book your stay.

How to Find Great Deals on the Best Hangzhou Hotels

The peak tourist season for Hangzou is between March and May. Travelers also enjoy visiting in the Fall. During these peak travel periods, prices for the best Hangzhou hotels to be at their greatest expense, so keep in mind that you can often save money on hotels in Hangzhou by traveling during non-peak seasons. In many cases, weekend rates are pricier than weekdays, so if you stay on a weekday, you might be able to save more money on the best Hangzhou hotels.

Are There Cheap Hotels in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou does feature affordable hotels that offer many basic amenities. Amazingly, some of the cheapest Hangzhou hotels start as low as $23 per night. However, most budget-friendly Hangzhou hotels run between $35 and $55. Travelers will also find that many of the city’s affordable hotels are conveniently located near the merchant district, business district, and attractions like West Lake.

Are There Luxury Hotels in Hangzhou?

Hangzou luxury hotels usually set their prices at $150 and higher, but it’s possible to find rates that are slightly lower. Some of the best Hangzhou hotels like the Four Seasons Hotel at West Lake start their pricing at $470. If you want to book your stay at a luxury hotel in Hangzhou that features must-have amenities like pools, restaurants, lounges, room service, and child-friendly features, consider  hotels such as InterContinental Hangzhou, Hangzhou Marriott Hotel, New Century Grand Hotel, Hyatt Regency Hotel, and the Azure Qiantang. Many of the city’s best-loved hotels are conveniently located near the city’s most famous attractions.

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