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Hotels in Nanyang

The Populated City With Lots to Do

Nanyang is the 11th largest city in China and because of its size has become one of the more popular tourist attractions in the area.  Whether you love shopping, culture, sightseeing, or enjoy the nightlife, Nanyang has something to offer you.  On your visit, you will want to include a few critical stops on your itinerary such as Neixiang County Mansion, Tongbai Water-Curtain Cave Temple, Shiren Shan, Sheqi Meeting Place, and Funiu Shan World Geology Park.  You can wrap up the day by enjoying one of the many bands or local musicians that play at the club.  For music stop by Central Guangcheng, Cafes Dio, and Minzhu Pool Club.

Where Can I Book Hotels in the Nanyang?

Are you planning a luxury trip to Nanyang China and want to find some higher-end accommodations at a great rate?  Simply click on Skyscanner's hotel search tool to find great deals on popular hotels.  You can even sort your results by rating, amenities, and price.

Where are the Nanyang Hotels Located?

Most of the hotels in the area are located north of the Baihe River.  The largest conglomeration of hotels is in the area between Highways S103and highways S231.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Accommodations?

Most of the hotels in Nanyang are on the lower end when it comes to the cost per room per night.  For a night you can pay as low as $13 to $23 for lower end accommodations, with higher star rated hotels being between $50 and $60.

What Hotel Amenities Can You Expect to Find in Nanyang?

Most of the amenities available in Nanyang hotels are standard and include free Wi-Fi, restaurants, fitness centers, and free parking.  Some higher-end accommodations will offer indoor pools, customized rooms, and some even feature their own spa.

Can I Find Unique Hotels in Nanyang?

If you are looking for some unique hotel accommodations for your stay in Nanyang, you might want to check out the Meiyijia Nanyang Dushang Avenue Fashion.  The hotel provides upscale, fashionable and unique room and hotel décor to give you an experience you won't forget.

4-Star Hotels in Nanyang, China

While there are a lot of 3-star hotels in the Nanyang area, there are also some 4-star options for those looking for higher-end accommodations during your stay.

  • Oriental Hyatt Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Nanyang
  • Grey Street Hotel
  • Dalang Taosha Hotel
  • Nan'an Mingzhu Business Hotel
  • Jiaxian Garden Hotel
  • Shengshi Kaiyuan Business Center
  • Lidu Huayuan Minzu Hotel
  • Nanyang Hotel
  • And many more that you can find using Skyscanner's hotel search tool.

Where Can I Find Hotel Reviews?

Find a great hotel when booking your trip to Nanyang, but not sure if it is right for you?  Find out what others have experienced when using that hotel.  All you have to do is click on Skyscanner's hotel search tool then select reviews to find out more about the hotels you want.