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Hotels in Dubrovnik

Headed to Dubrovnik and seeking a great deal on a hotel? Look no further. Booking a hotel for your vacation in Dubrovnik is half the battle when it comes to planning a great trip, and we all know that this part of the equation can make or break your Dubrovnik vacation. Luckily though, there’s an accommodating trove of hotel pricing search guides, hotel searches, and overall travel wisdom to make your trip to Dubrovnik a comfortable, relaxing and entertaining stay, no matter when you’re staying or how long you’ll be there.

Your first stop on the Dubrovnik hotel hunt is to check out the hotel search page here that will help present you with every possible hotel option that’s available during the time you’re planning your trip to Dubrovnik. Search, compare, scope every lodging— and end up with the best hotel that’s perfect for you and your Dubrovnik trip. It’s as easy as using a search engine—and checking out these essential tips for figuring out available accommodations in Dubrovnik. Before you know it, you’ll be that much closer to your vacation, complete with your perfect place to stay.

Best Hotels to book in Dubrovnik

For a truly majestic hotel experience, the Pucic Palace will immerse you right in the heart of the city—that is if you want to leave your gorgeously adorned room with free wifi and laundry facilities to help you refresh after your travels.

Settle into the Hotel Lapad ;(and slip into the pool for a refreshing dip), where you’ll find stunning architecture and a room rate that’s under $300 per night.

For a family-friendly vacation hotel, check out the Valamar Club Dubrovnik, with it’s convenient 15-minute commute into the old town and lovely water views.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik

No matter what hotel you choose in Dubrovnik, you’re bound to stumble on a memorable adventure. So compare the hotel options that work the best for your unique Dubrovnik vision and look forward to settling into your cultured-filled trip. After all, it all starts with the perfect hotel—the rest of it is up to you.

The wonderful Dubrovnik is filled with great hotels to stay in, fun things to do and treasures to explore. No matter which area of Dubrovnik you find a hotel in, you’re sure to be greeted with the plentiful gems and accessible comfort that this incredible Croatian city has to offer.