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Holguin is a beautiful small city in the eastern part of Cuba and is the capital of the Holguin province. Though it retains a small-town feeling, Holguin is one of the top five largest cities in Cuba, which means that you’ll get the best deal when you book your hotel with us at Skyscanner.

What Kinds Of Hotels Are In Holguin?

The hotel scene in Holguin isn’t as large as you might think, but you’ll have your choice of a few hotels of roughly the same three-star quality which cost roughly the same price.

Booking your hotel should be as easy as finding their website online, and then calling them. Expect to use your Spanish speaking skills when booking your hotel in Holguin. In general, people don’t have the best English skills, so you may want to bring a translation app to avoid some confusion.

Where Should I Book My Hotel In Holguin?

You should try to get a hotel near the central train station, or slightly farther to the north, the Plaza De La Revolucion. These are good areas which are close to a lot of tourist destinations as well as restaurants and shops. Booking near the tourist destinations means that you’ll spend slightly more money, but you won’t have to travel as far to get home at the end of the day.

There are also several hotels located around the three small parks close to the downtown area of Holguin. These hotels are a bit more expensive but offer more of an obvious tropical feeling due to the abundant greenery of the parks in every direction. These hotels are also close to the zoo, which may be a destination worth a visit.

You should try to avoid hotels on the west side of Holguin, as they aren’t as foreigner friendly, especially the area around Reparto Lenin Hospital. This area isn’t unsafe, but it is a bit more unsightly than a tourist would appreciate on a leisure journey. Stick to the east side and you’ll have no issues.

What Should I Expect From My Hotel In Holguin?

Most of the hotels in Holguin offer amenities like a pool and a place where you can do your laundry. All hotels will offer a maid service that will clean your room for you, though it may be extra if your hotel is marketed as a “hostel” rather than a hotel.

If your hotel is marketed as a “casa” rather than a hotel, you shouldn’t expect maid service to be daily, although weekly service may be a possibility if you request it. Typically, “casas” are more expensive and intended for longer term use than hotel rooms.

Your hotel room in Holguin will be clean, though it may not have air conditioning or television, depending on the quality of the hotel you book. Expect your hotel room to have a small balcony and a bay window which you can open up to enjoy the warm and humid Cuban air during the day or night.


The least expensive month is June, with an average of $41 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Holguin is December, with an average price of $45 per night.
The average price of a hotel in March last year was $44 per night. This is 1% more than the average nightly price of $44 seen over the previous 12 months.

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