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Hotels in Paphos

Paphos is a gorgeous coastal vacation town on the western side of Cyprus, receiving warm winds from the Mediterranean all year long for a perfectly consistent mild climate. Paphos is rich with culture and history and has many archeological ruins on the outskirts of town that will fascinate anyone interested in the Antiquity period.

Booking a hotel in Paphos can be tough due to the language barrier, but if you stick with us here at Skyscanner, we’ll have you on your way to a vacation in Paphos in no time flat and under budget.

Where are the hotels located in Paphos?

Along the beach, of course! The vast majority of hotels in Paphos are located along the beaches, with the center cluster of hotels within walking distance of Lighthouse Beach. Other beaches such as the Louis Imperial Beach and the Basilica beach have hotels, too, and are all closely collocated.

There are a couple of hotels in Paphos that are inland, away from the beach. These hotels are typically less expensive, and also less glamorous than their beachy cousins.

What prices are hotels?

Prices for a hotel room in Paphos vary from under $50 to over $200, depending on the type of accommodation and the location. Many medium-sized hotels with pools, all meals included, and beachfront access are a steal in Paphos.

You may find that the pricing schemes in Paphos don’t necessarily make sense. Where some tiny hotels charge an arm and a leg for an ocean view with little else, other hotels may offer an endless number of amenities for less. The thing to remember is that not everything is as it seems in Paphos, so be sure to verify whatever hotels claim. Sometimes a “pool” is really just a hot tub, and sometimes “breakfast” is simply coffee.

Where can I find unique hotel types?

Unique hotels are abundant in Paphos. Along the beach, check out hotels like The King Jason hotel, which has pools, a gym, spa, and other amenities, not to mention a killer view. For a Paphos hotel that has a look that’s a bit more traditionally associated with Mykonos, check out the Daphne Hotel, which has a massive pool and beautiful white matte architecture.

Can I book a specific hotel/hotel brand?

There aren’t any true chain hotels in Paphos, at least not among the international chains. There may be some Cypriot chain hotels in the interior of the city, away from the beach. You’ll probably need to book certain popular hotels well in advance of your visit, or offseason.

Paphos is the busiest during the European summer and emptiest during the European winter—which, on Paphos, is quite mild, so it might be the perfect time to visit. Prices tend to surge in the summer and recede in the winter, which is another argument in favor of visiting Paphos when others have decided not to. Either way, the beaches of Paphos are swimmable year round, and the white sands are said to have therapeutic properties.