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Hotels in Mykonos

Mykonos is a tiny gem amongst the Greek Isles. It is an island steeped in culture and history, with some of the most well-known landmarks in the Isles. However, you may have heard about Mykonos through its reputation as a summer party town with a vibrant nightlife. Admittedly, there is something for everyone in Mykonos.

Planning a Trip to Mykonos that Fits Your Budget

When planning a trip to the lovely Greek island, you want to start by finding the cheapest flights to Mykonos. Even if you are in the earliest stages of planning, Skyscanner's unique cheapest month search can be a helpful tool. This feature searches all available airfare up to a year in advance and gives you the least expensive months to travel.

Next, you will want to learn more about your destination, including information on finding the lowest prices on Mykonos hotels, and compare the best deals on rental cars.

Are there low priced resorts in Mykonos?

Yes.. Using Skyscanner's mobile app we found, hotels, resorts, hostels, and even apartments available to fit any budget. We even learned there were 5-star hotels for as little as $100 per night! And from a single page, we were able to view the properties, read real reviews, find answers to frequently asked questions, and make our reservations --on the spot!

Where are Mykonos hotels located?

Mykonos' hotels are mostly located along the coast, where ocean view and oceanfront properties are common. There are a few hotels near Mykonos city center. Thanks to a partnership with Google Maps, you will be able to view all the properties in their exact location, once you have selected your search criteria.

What are my transportation options in Mykonos?

Mykonos has a well-connected transportation system that includes buses, taxis, and ferries. This means that you can reach nearby islands and other areas within Mykonos easily. However, if your dream is tooling around the island in a convertible sports car check out Skyscanner's awesome deals on Mykonos rental cars.

How much do hotels in Mykonos cost?

In Mykonos, during the month of April, you can book a 5-star seaside resort for $99 per night. Throughout the year, 5-star resorts and hotels cost an average of $145 per night, 4-star hotels average $85 per night, while economy hotels average $70 per night. Of course, prices may vary according to your travel dates, but you can always depend on Skyscanner to find the lowest priced Mykonos hotels no matter when you travel.

Are there any unique boutique hotels in Mykonos?

Yes! If you are looking for a quaint or modern boutique hotel, B&B, condo, or apartment in Mykonos. Skyscanner knows where to find them. Madoupa Boutique Hotel and Nissaki Boutique Hotel are fan favorites on our site!

How can I tour Mykonos on a Budget?

The most affordable pastime in Mykonos is lounging on the beautiful beaches. But once you are sun-soaked and ready to adventure, here are a few of the best low-cost excursions in Mykonos:

  • Mykonos windmills - These windmills are a part of the definitively Mykonian landscape. You will see them perched at various points around the island. However, most are located in the town of Chora.
  • The Armenistis Lighthouse - This fully functioning lighthouse is a tribute to the rich maritime history of Mykonos. It is located nearby, in Fanari.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos - Built in 1905, it was purposed to display artifacts from the ancient Putrefaction Pit discovered in 1898. It's one of the oldest museums in all of Greece.
  • Aegean Maritime Museum - Founded in 1983, by the with the goal of preserving Greek maritime tradition.
  • Folklore Museum - This is found in the oldest house on Mykonos and houses a vast collection of historical furniture, jewelry, pottery, needlepoint, sculptures, and even tombstones.