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Hotels in Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala and one of the major agglomerations within all of Central America. As such, Guatemala City has a regular flow of guests from the outside world, causing the area’s tourist industry to begin growing.

Guatemala City is a challenging environment to book a hotel in because of the area’s instability and undeveloped tourism industry. Here at Skyscanner, we’ll help you through the difficulty of booking a hotel in Guatemala City so that you’ll be well on your way to an enjoyable and safe trip to the gem of Central America.

What Should I Know Before Booking A Hotel In Guatemala City?

Guatemala City is characterized by well-ordered neighborhoods called zones, of which there are 22. The lower the number of the zone, the closer you are to the downtown area. As a tourist, you’ll probably want to stick to the downtown zones 1-10. If you’re interested in seeing elsewhere, hop onto the metro or call a cab. Climate wise Guatemala City, much like the rest of Central America, hot year-round. Pack light clothing.

What Should I Expect From My Hotel?

Hotels in Guatemala City don’t necessarily follow normal rules about cost and value. If you want, you can book an expensive international hotel room and pay slightly less than you would stateside, but doing so involves getting a poor deal relative to what else is in the city.

The large international hotel chains, while high quality, are overpriced in Guatemala City, with some pushing $200 as of 2017. Smaller and cheaper boutique hotels can sometimes be less than half the price and only offer a few fewer amenities or potentially even the same amenities. Do keep in mind that at this point only the largest of the international hotel chains have resources to help tourists who stay there.

Where Should I Book My Hotel In Guatemala City?

Most of Guatemala City’s hotels are concentrated in zone 9 and zone 1, with zone 1 corresponding to the northern city core and zone 9 the area near the airport. Because of the high level of crime in many of the outer zones, you should probably book your hotel in one of these two zones, though there are sparse numbers of hotels elsewhere.

If you’re not sure whether to pick a hotel in zone 9 or zone 1, pick zone 9, as it has better access to transportation as well as local restaurants.