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Yazd is an underrated gem of a city in southern Iran that’s replete with gorgeous architecture, rich human history, and uniquely Iranian cultural elements which will impress practically anyone. It can be a bit tough to book a hotel in Yazd due to the language barrier and uncommon terminology, though, which is why you should book your hotel here with us at Skyscanner.

What Kind Of Hotels Are There In Yazd?

In Yazd, you’ll find small to medium sized local hotels, and “international” hotels which tend to be larger and more expensive but will not be any international hotel chain that you may be familiar with. You can also find hostels in Yazd.

There aren’t exactly boutique hotels in Yazd under the Western understanding of the term, but there are some small and trendy hotels which cost more than their less high energy counterparts.

Where Should I Book My Hotel In Yazd?

Central Yazd near the Zoroastrian Fire Temple is where most of the hotels are located, and it’s also a great area to book your hotel because it has convenient public transit access. Central Yazd is close to all of Yazd’s shops, museums, and other tourist destinations, so there’s really no reason to book outside of the downtown part of the city unless you’re chasing a special deal or specific location.

Yazd is a safe city, and is relatively walkable, though most visitors prefer to use taxis or public transit to get around.

How Expensive Are Hotels In Yazd?

Hotels in Yazd are of average price, and you’ll be able to select from very inexpensive hotels which offer very few amenities to more extravagant hotels which cater to more of your needs. There isn’t much money to be saved by going farther away from the core of Yazd, so don’t bother.

The biggest difference in hotel price in Yazd will be in general friendliness to foreigners. The more expensive of a hotel you pick for your stay, the friendlier that the hotel staff will be to you and your companions. This isn’t exactly a fair arrangement, but in general higher prices will reflect a higher level of internationality and familiarity with people from the West. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t expect to be able to effectively communicate with most of the people who staff your hotel in Yazd, even if they seem like they’re friendly or generous.

What Will My Hotel In Yazd Be Like?

Hotels in Yazd will be relatively austere inside of the room itself but are typically architecturally beautiful and exquisitely clean. Your room may or may not have a television or air conditioning, though it will have running water which you should not drink. Be sure to ask about whether your hotel offers breakfast when you book.

The lobby of your hotel is where you should be spending most of your time if you are at your hotel in Yazd. The rooms themselves will be sparse, but usually pleasant enough.

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Anisha Shah
Anisha ShahLondon, UK

Sun-baked mud bricks line winding alleyways, arches and courtyards in one of the oldest towns on earth, according to Unesco. Yazd is the focal point of Iran’s Zoroastrian culture. Parched exposed brick gives Yazd the feel of some place ancient. Topped by a jungle of ‘badgir’ wind-towers, the result is a baked-brown stepped horizon. This is the spot in which to get lost and feel removed, as high walls shield houses from the mesh of lanes zigzagging the town. Get to the bazaar’s rooftop for views to leave head spinning. Yazd is the emblem of contrast and antidote to metropolis cities such as Tehran.

HaroldBrooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

This lovely old city, filled with mosques and windtowers, is a highlight of central Iran. A haven for backpackers and adventure travelers and it is easy to see why. Plan to spend a few days so you have a chance to soak up the atmosphere and spend ample time lost in the tiny alleys of this historic treasure.

IRTouring - Iran Tours
IRTouring - Iran ToursEsfahan, Iran

Yazd, Bride of the desert and favourite city of Marcopolo, check tours to this ancient city of Iran: http://irtouring.com

Iftekhar Ahsan
Iftekhar AhsanKolkata (Calcutta), India

The beautiful Jam E Mosque is visible from all over the city and serves as the perfect landmark for lost explorers of Yazd.


The least expensive month is July, with an average of $30 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Yazd is March, with an average price of $74 per night.
The average price of a hotel in October last year was $80 per night. This is 31% more than the average nightly price of $55 seen over the previous 12 months.
In Yazd, the expected average temperature in October is 20.7°C/69.3°F. The warmest month is typically July, which averages 39.5°C/103.1°F. The coolest month is January, with temperatures averaging 0.3°C/32.5°F.
The nearest airport to Yazd is Yazd (AZD) (4.64 miles).

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