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Hotels in Turin

Once you have used Skyscanner to book the cheapest flights to your dream destination of Turin, Italy, you are now ready to discover the perfect hotel, hostel, or apartment accommodations. Skyscanner searches the most popular deal sites to make sure the prices they offer are the lowest available, saving you the most money on all of the best hotels and resorts in Turin, Italy.

Hotel and Resort Deals in Turin

Turin Italy is known for its amazing architecture, fast sports cars, and chocolate! Check out the amazing Turin hotel deals we found using

  • Five Star Hotels and Resorts in Turin

  • In Turin, you will find two 5-star hotels and resort with prices as low as $174 each night. These are the Principi Di Piemonte and the Allegroitalia Golden Palace. Both resorts are located within a mile of the city center of Turin.

  • Four Star Hotels and Resorts in Turin

  • There are more than 30 4-star hotels in or near Turin, Italy. At prices starting at $83 per night, anyone can afford luxury accommodations!

  • Economy Accommodations in Turin

  • There are over 100 budget friendly hotels in the Turin vicinity, starting at $39 per night.

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Turin

Turin enjoys a sub-tropical climate and agreeable weather throughout the year. Many choose to visit the area in June and July because of the abundance of sun-filled days. However, the cheapest time to fly from the United States to Turin is in the month of February. Turin is a busy an vibrant city that is a hub of Northern Italy's business and culture, so any time is a great time to visit.

3 Things to Do in Turin

  1. Visit the Egyptian Museum - Outside of Cairo, Museo delle Antichità Egizie in Turin, Italy is the only museum completely dedicated to Egyptian art and artifacts.
  2. Tour Santuario Basilica Maria Ausiliatrice - Considered one of the most beautiful churches in the world, visitors enjoy the calm atmosphere while exploring the extraordinary architecture and findings.
  3. See the Historic Piazza San Carlo - Built in 1622, this plaza is a historic masterpiece.

Getting Around in Turin

The Gruppo Torinese Trasporti operates all of the public transportation system in Turin and Piedmont region. This includes two rail lines that run to-and-from the suburban areas, one metropolitan subway, eight trams, and about 100 buses. So, it is possible to use public transport to travel around the city center, into the suburbs, and to many of the neighboring cities and towns.

There are also plenty of taxis and hotel shuttles available. If you prefer a rental car, be sure to check out Skyscanner for the cheapest car rentals!