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Hotels in Atyrau

Atyrau, Kazakhstan is most notable for being a city that allows you to be in two places at once. It is situated on the continental divide between Europe and Asia, and is clad in ornate buildings and mosques. Atyrau is located on the banks of the Caspian Sea and is a culturally rich vacation destination for those who are looking for something that is a little different. If you are planning a trip to Atyrau, Skyscanner will be there to help you find the most affordable lodging options available.

Cheap Hotels in Atyrau

You can find a variety of great hotels at different price points in Atyrau. Private hostels like Chagala Hotel and Sweet Home Hotel go for as little as $30.00 per night. Beautiful urban hotels in the heart of the city like River Palace Hotel and Marriott Executive Apartments Atyrau go for about $100 per night. When booking your hotel room, use Skyscanner's hotel booking tool so that you get your room for the best possible deal.

Amenities at Atyrau Hotels

Hotels in Atyrau are loaded with the popular amenities you would find in other major city destinations. Depending on your specific needs, you can find a hotel in the city that offers free parking, a fitness center, a spa, on-site restaurants, free Wi-Fi, and more. Make the most of your stay by considering the hotels with amenities that will make your life easier.

Does Atyrau Have 5-Star Hotels?

Yes! If you want luxury accommodations, Atyrau has you covered. Indulge in the fine dining and spa experience at Renaissance Atyrau Hotel or Atyrau Hotel - Spa.

Getting to Atyrau Hotels

To get to Atyrau, you can either fly into Atyrau International Airport or ride the train. Once you get to the terminal, you can arrange for an airport or hotel shuttle, ride a public bus, hail a taxi, or pick up your car rental. Reserving a car to drive in Atyrau is easy when you use Skyscanner's car rental tool to book your vehicle. If you choose to rent a car to drive while there, be sure to get an international driving permit before you arrive.

Is Atyrau Safe for Travelers?

Yes, Atyrau is considered to be a safe city for U.S. travelers. Be cautious when walking around the bar and nightclub districts at night as muggings can happen. Keep all valuables locked up when you are away from your hotel room and do not flaunt cash or valuable jewelry while you tour the city.

Hot Attractions in Atyrau

Atyrau is an up and coming city that is just a stones throw away from ancient ruins of past civilizations. While you are in town, check out the movie theaters, bowling alley, high-end boutique shops, and art galleries. Atyrau has a complex food culture that brings guests the best food options from around the world. Be sure to check out the Manjali Mosque and admire a modern marvel of architecture. You can relieve stress after a long day of sightseeing at Health Bath Complex Rakhatai.