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Hotels in Colima

Colima is a beautiful almost-coastal Mexican city amidst the farmlands that sit in the shadow of nearby mountains, making it an area of excellent aesthetic appeal. Colima is a burgeoning tourist destination, and it’s no secret why: despite its remote location, Colima’s cosmopolitanism and the combination of Mexican art and culture with the outdoors activities that tourists love make for an exciting visit. While you’re planning your trip, be sure to book your hotel here with us at Skyscanner so that you’ll get the best deal possible and that you’ll be headed to Colima with all the information you need to succeed.

Where are the hotels located?

Colima has three main hotel areas: one on the edge of town near the highway, one in the La Salud neighborhood (named after the hospitals there) and one near the Jardines Vista Hermosa III.

When you visit Colima, you’ll probably want to book your hotel in the central La Salud cluster of hotels because the neighborhood is flanked by two beautiful parks—Ecoparc Colima and  Parque Piedra-Lisa—in addition to being close to the Centro Comercial neighborhood, where there are an abundance of shopping and dining opportunities.

The hotels closer to the margins of the city and next to the highway aren’t necessarily better priced than the ones in the center, though you may be able to find a deal or two. On the whole, the periphery of the city isn’t as safe as the core.

What prices are hotels?

In the core of the city, you’ll be able to book a hotel room in Colima for less than $100. If you’re interested in booking with one of the major international hotel chains, you may have to pay more, but in general, the prices stay fairly reasonable. There aren’t very many luxury options in Colima, but there are a few five-star hotels which offer more than enough amenities to keep most travelers satisfied.

Even smaller hotels may sport pools and spas in Colima, thanks to the area’s growing reputation as a vacation haven for Americans. The mid-sized hotels are also great places to get an authentic Mexican hotel experience, with wide open arcades, Colonial architecture, and relaxed speed service.

Can I find a hotel for business?

Colima is a growing economy, and many people travel there to conduct business, so there’s a big demand for hotels that have the ability to offer what businesspeople need. Here, the few international hotels are the best bet. The smaller hotels of Colima, while charming and often heavy with amenities for being so lightly priced, are rarely oriented towards having space conference rooms or high-speed internet.

The international chain hotels will have conference rooms with teleconferencing suites already set up, though they’ll also be much more expensive and offer a much less authentically Mexican experience. Unfortunately, these international chain hotels are also farther from the beautiful downtown area which is replete with parks, meaning that you’ll have to travel farther to get from business to pleasure.