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Hotels in Guaymas

Guaymas is a city in the Mexican state of Sonora perched on the eastern edge of the Gulf of California. The city is most known for its long-running Carnival of Guaymas. This carnival has been held since 1888 and heralds the beginning of Lent in late winter/early spring. A large parade occurs over the course of several days, beginning with the ritual burning of an effigy.

Guaymas is also known for having plenty of scenic sea views, the most renowned being the Malecon on the east side of town. Here you can view the Municipal Palace, impressive statuary and a host of boats as they travel to and fro. Additionally, the nearby town of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas is the anchor point for beautiful beaches, and a surrounding desert provides a host of sights for intrepid travelers.

Where can I book a Guaymas hotel?

Thanks to Skyscanner’s ever-useful hotel search feature, you can quickly pick and choose from a variety of hotels suited for your needs. Filter results based on ratings, location, amenities and other factors to find the perfect place for your stay in Guaymas.

Where are Guaymas hotels located?

The majority of hotels in Guaymas are located along Highway 15 which transverses the Peninsula of Guaymas upon which the city is situated. There are also many hotels in the nearby town of San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas just 30 minutes away.

How much do hotels in Guaymas cost?

Hotels in Guaymas may cost anywhere from $20 to $170 a night.

Can I find 4 or 5 star hotels in Guaymas?

Many of the hotels in Guaymas and nearby San Carlos are rated 4 stars, including the following:

  • The large Hotel Armida in the Burócrata district is close to many sights in the city such as the San Fernando Cathedral and Miguel Hidalgo Square.
  • Suites Del Sol on the west side of town is just a quick drive away from Miramar Beach and the Sonora Dolphinarium.
  • Over in San Carlos, Marinaterra Hotel & Spa boasts a health club dedicated to providing body treatments, massages and even a sauna for guests.

Where can I find cheap hotels in Guaymas?

There are plenty of great hotels that cost under $30 a night, such as the following:

  • Hotel Malibu is in walking distance to two delicious seafood restaurants and a supermarket. You can also take a stroll down to Miramar Beach which is just over a mile away.
  • Santa Rita, known for its fast WiFi speeds, is in the middle of town and is a short walk to the waterfront boulevard.
  • Hotel Impala is just two blocks from the Malecon, the scenic promenade that borders the east harbor.