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Hotels In Koror

Most people haven’t heard of the village of Koror in southern Palau, but it’s a beautiful tropical resort town in a corner of the world that most people never get a chance to visit. Finding a hotel in Koror can be quite difficult for a number of reasons, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back here at Skyscanner so that you’ll get the best rates when you book.

What Should I Expect From Koror Itself?

Koror is a small island off the coast of Palau in the Pacific ocean. Koror is relatively rural but has recently been developed as a resort town with beautiful sandy beaches and highly developed and cosmopolitan hotels. Koror is a vacation spot for relaxing at the beach and eating freshly chopped coconuts without the distractions of urban living.

There aren’t a tremendous number of things to do in Koror. Walking around, enjoying the wildlife, and relaxing by the beach are the best activities.

What Kinds of Hotels Should I Expect From Koror?

If you’re willing to pay upwards of $100, you can stay at a luxurious hotel like the Palasia Hotel, which combines beautiful architecture and a modern aesthetic along with a full set of amenities. In general, hotels in Koror will either be resorts like the Palasia, or mid-sized hotels which are considerably less extravagant.

At the expensive international hotels in Koror, you can expect a full suite of amenities ranging from pools, maid service, concierge service, personal shuttle service, and room service. At the mid-sized hotels more common in the eastern half of Koror, these amenities will be harder to come by.

Most of the expensive hotels are in the western half of Koror itself, with the less expensive hotels on the eastern banks. Nearly every hotel in Koror has an oceanfront view, but some of the less expensive hotels may not be entirely up to your standards if you are expecting the normal set of Western amenities. All but the least expensive hotels in Koror will have some form of air conditioning or a fan, though the island itself is rarely hot enough to warrant cranking up the AC, even in the summer months.

How Expensive Are Hotels In Koror?

The least expensive hotels in Koror will cost much less than $100, but the most expensive hotels can cost an arm and a leg—nearly $400 for the full resort experience. No matter which hotel you pick, you’ll have a view of the ocean and also a view of some light jungle. The hotels around the Southwest Islanders Village tend to be a bit overpriced for what you get, whereas the hotels on Malakal Island tend to have the best views for relatively reasonable prices.

At the more expensive hotels in Koror, you can rent parasails and kayaks, go on scuba or snorkeling tours, and even go on wildlife expeditions to the reefs, all guided right from the lobby of your hotel. On the less expensive end of hotels, you’re on your own to explore the dusty side streets and rocky inlets that separate the sublime white sandy beaches.