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Hotels in Cajamarca

Cajamarca is a historical and bustling city in the Andes, located in Peru. Many tourists head to Cajamarca to visit the archaeological sites there, view the examples of Spanish architecture, hunt for Incan artifacts, and hike in the nearby mountains. When you book your trip to Cajamarca, don’t forget to use our hotel booking tool here at Skyscanner so that you can get the best deal possible for your trip.

Where are the hotels located in Cajamarca?

Most of the hotels in Cajamarca are located in the center of the city, around the Plaza de Armas de Cajamarca, which commemorates the Battle of Cajamarca in which the Incan Empire was decisively defeated by the Spanish army, resulting in the slaughter of the Incan rulers and the destruction of the Incan empire.

There are some hotels north and south of this central plaza, but the center of the city is where all of the cultural action is, and the lowered prices of the hotels that are farther from the center, while appreciable, will result in lengthy transit times to get to the places you’ll want to see while you’re in Cajamarca.

What prices are hotels in Cajamarca?

Most of the hotels in Cajamarca can be booked for less than $100 because most of the hotels in Cajamarca are small and mid-sized independent hotels. Many of these hotels have a history going back to the Spanish colonial days, so be sure to check out the particulars of the hotel that you book to see if there’s an interesting story that goes along with your room.

There aren’t any international hotel chains or even local Peruvian chain hotels in Cajamarca, but you can still find a comfortable experience if you’re willing to pay a little bit extra. Just be aware that marking yourself as a foreigner with money may be dangerous in Cajamarca, and will result in you paying slightly higher prices than you would otherwise.

What should I expect from my hotel in Cajamarca?

Your hotel room in Cajamarca will have running water—don’t drink it—but may not have heat or air conditioning. Your hotel room probably will have a TV, and requests to get more towels or blankets will probably be met with confusion. Few people speak English in Cajamarca, so be prepared to use your Spanish. Make sure that your hotel room in Cajamarca has a door with a lock that works—it’s uncommon, but it’s not unheard of for foreigners in Cajamarca to get robbed.

As far as the quality of the hotels themselves go, most of the hotel rooms in Cajamarca are like elsewhere in Latin America; slightly run down, but still perfectly serviceable. Many hotels in Cajamarca offer free wi-fi, coffee in the lobby, and a few may offer free breakfast. Most hotels in Cajamarca won’t have concierges or anyone that you can formally ask for information, but the owners or maids will be more than happy to provide you with information if you’re willing to do some small talk first.