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Hotels in Virac

Virac is one of the resort communities in the province of Catanduanes, in the Philippines. Tourists flock to Virac for its sandy beaches, delicious banana harvest, and relaxing yet uniquely Philippine nightlife. Be sure to book your hotel in Virac with us here in Skyscanner so that you’ll get the best deal among the beachfront resorts that this area offers. 

Where can I book a hotel?

Hotels in Virac are located either clustered around “midtown” in the eastern corner of the town, or in massive resorts which take up most of the area’s southern and western coastlines.

The hotels in the eastern town center are typically much cheaper than the massive resort areas but offer fewer amenities accordingly. You’ll have to choose between staying in a typical mid-sized hotel or a resort where you may have a suite or even your own private bungalow.

Booking hotels doesn’t have to be difficult, as most hotel staff are bilingual, or at least speak some English to go along with their Tagalog.

Where can I find cheap hotels?

The cheapest hotels are in the easternmost extremes of Virac and tend to be roadside rather than beachside. These hotels will typically cost you less than $50 per night and offer only basic amenities. The more expensive midsized hotels will have a view of the beach, if not direct access to the beach, and may have spas, gyms, pools, and room service.

The next tier of relatively cheap hotels are along the eastern beaches, which you’ll be able to secure for under $100—these hotels start to approach what one might call a luxury hotel and are heavy on amenities. Expect beachfront property and a beautiful ocean view to come standard with these mid-level hotels.

The least cheap hotels are, of course, the massive resorts that dominate most of the southern peninsula of Virac. These resort hotels have options that are as cheap as slightly over $100, but in general, can have costs which range up to $500 depending on how much pampering you elect to receive as a guest.

Can I find reviews of hotels?

Yelp is typically a good source of reviews for hotels in Virac, and you’ll find that most of the reviews there are in English. Elsewhere, Google has maps of the highest rated hotels which offer examples of typical rooms, records of user experiences, and price points to top things off.

Read the reviews of resorts with a critical eye, as many of the people who are willing to shell out the large fees to stay in the resort areas are also willing to complain about relatively minor things quite vocally. Don’t be scared away by less than stellar reviews of smaller or mid-sized hotels in Virac, either.

The standards of the Philippines are slightly different than what some Westerners are used to, though you can still expect courteous service, maid service, a clean hotel room, and a hotel shuttle which takes you to and from the airport for almost all of the hotels there.