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Hotels in Iasi

One of Romania's largest cities, Iasi is known for its historical architecture and as a regional center of culture and higher education. It's also currently flourishing, with many new dining and shopping options opened in recent years. Iasi is an exciting city to be in, and it has a wide range of lodging options from high-end luxury to backpacker hostels. There's something to suit every budget.

Peak and Low Seasons in Iasi

Hotel prices during spring and summer (April to September) tend to be higher in Iasi as the weather is balmy and Romanians tend to vacation within the country rather than going abroad. Special deals and regular low prices abound in the off-season, but it's important to be aware that Romania can get extremely cold in the winter. October and November are excellent times to go, when you can usually get a luxury hotel room for well under $100 USD per night yet the weather is still mild and pleasant.

As mentioned earlier, Iasi is home to a variety of schools. That means that you may see spikes in pricing when new semesters start and during graduation.

Hotels Near Popular Destinations in Iasi

Iasi has a wide variety of rooms and beds scattered all over the city (and surrounding areas), so no matter what you want to be near you will have options.

The biggest cluster of hotels is around the city center area, which is also where most of the points of interest are. If you want to stay as close to the airport as possible there are a few mid-range hotel options right nearby including the Complex Hotelier and Ciric, and the upscale Little Texas (one of the nicest hotels in the city) is just down the road. Likewise, there are a handful of hotels within walking distance of the central train station, which is a little south of the city center. Check out the Pleiada Boutique, Valentin or Complex Popas Pacurari for the shortest trip.

Luxury Hotels in Iasi

Iasi's nicest hotels are the Pleiada Boutique Hotel & Spa, Grand Hotel Traian, the Little Texas, the Unirea Hotel & Spa, the Bellaria and the Hotel International. These are all upscale hotels that have the usual range of amenities you would expect from something like a Hilton or Marriott. Most of these also have spas even if it is not specifically mentioned in the hotel name.

During the slower months, rack rate for these is generally close to $75 USD. Expect $100 or better during the warmer months, however, especially on weekends.

Budget Hotels in Iasi

Iasi has dozens of options that are in the range of $20 to $40 USD on most nights. Expect hostels with shared dorm beds to start at around $15, while private rooms with private bath will generally be at least $30.

Keep in mind that some budget hotels are called "apartments" here. They effectively are small apartments, in terms of having a kitchen and often multiple rooms, but the rates are usually in line with budget hotel rooms and guests are not expected to stay long-term.