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Hotels in Vladikavkaz

Vladikavkaz is a small industrial city located in the semi-autonomous North Ossetia area in the far southwest corner of Russia. Vladikavkaz is located at the mouth of two mountain passes, leaving the city with a beautiful background of two mountains in one direction and endless fertile steppes everywhere else.

Vladikavkaz is known for its natural beauty and as a keystone to the Caucasus but isn’t a very popular tourist destination outside Russia. Aside from its natural beauty, there are many historical monuments of the Soviet era in Vladikavkaz which many will find interesting.

Using our help to book your hotel here at Skyscanner, your visit to Vladikavkaz will be an enriching cultural experience that you won’t soon forget.

Where are the hotels in Vladikavkaz located?

Hotels in Vladikavkaz are scattered around the residential and commercial areas of the city, with most hotels in the eastern part of the central district. There are a few hotels outside the central-east area, and these hotels can be where the best deals are for frugal travelers.

Sometimes the price differential between the hotels outside the main district and the exterior areas can be as much as five times cheaper.

What prices are hotels in Vladikavkaz?

Most hotels in Vladikavkaz are bookable for less than $100, though there are a few more luxurious options if you’re looking to spend a bit more. Most hotels will be less than $50, and hotels on the fringes of town will be even less expensive.

What kinds of hotels are there in Vladikavkaz?

All the hotels of Vladikavkaz are independent so that you won’t find any international chain hotels or even any Russian chain hotels. Most hotels follow the small and medium hotel format, though there are a few bed and breakfast style options if you look on the edge of town.

The trendier hotels are easy to differentiate from the others, as their branding is much more aggressive and more likely to appear new than with the other hotels. If a hotel is advertising that they have a pool, spa, or massage parlor, there’s a good chance that it’s a more upscale and more trendy hotel than the others, which may not mention any amenities whatsoever. There are even a few hotels which claim to have Turkish style baths, although it’s likely that these claims are slightly exaggerated.

What should I expect from Vladikavkaz?

Vladikavkaz isn’t a city built with tourists in mind, and some areas of the city may not be safe to visit. Rather than thuggery, certain areas in Vladikavkaz have an intense heavy metal industry. Especially in the southwest, heavy metal smelting activity may have emissions which can agitate your lungs.

Many of the city’s industrial capacities are at the forefront of city life, with massive railroads and highways cutting directly through and under many areas. The city does have some history which history buffs will want to visit, though.

Be sure to check out the Soviet monuments to Bolshevism located downtown, and its partner monument to “industry.” Travel to the southern mountain pass to see a monument to the 1942 victory of the Red Army against invading Wehrmacht—but watch out for the nearby trains rolling into the city nearby.