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Mogadishu is a hot, dry city with the distinction of being the capital and most populous municipality of Somalia. The previous site of a contentious civil war, nowadays Mogadishu is an up-and-coming, though risky, destination for sightseers bold enough to venture to less-traveled environs.

A number of gorgeous mosques in the city pay tribute to past control of Mogadishu by various sultanates. The mosques of Arba'a Rukun and Fakr ad-Din are especially notable, dating from 1269 AD. The beautiful and battle-scarred Mogadishu Cathedral is a remnant of Italian control over the city in the 20th century. The National Museum of Mogadishu holds a number of interesting items from the area’s past. There’s even a yearly film festival, Mogpaafis (short for Mogadishu Pan-African and Arab Film Symposium), that celebrates Somalia’s burgeoning film industry.

Mogadishu is known for its outdoor markets where everything from fruits to household items can be found. Bakaara Market is the most famous, being the site of the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993. Ansaloti Market is a competing market reopened in 2014. Be wary as there are also many illicit items such as weaponry and forged documentation offered, and sellers of these items do not look kindly upon foreigners.

Where can I book a Mogadishu hotel?

When embarking on an adventure to this dangerous but culturally rich city in the Horn of Africa, Skyscanner’s got your back. Use our suite of online tools to quickly find accommodations that include all the amenities required for your stay in Mogadishu, from 24-hour security to safe boxes to airport accessibility.

Where are Mogadishu hotels located?

There are hotels located throughout the city with clusters surrounding the airport, University of Somalia and Old Turkish Embassy.

Sahafi Hotel is a well-known luxury hotel in the area frequented by government officials, UN workers and journalists. Situated near the KM-4 Roundabout, it boasts ubiquitous air conditioning, three daily meals and 24-hour security. The hotel roof provides an ideal vantage point for observation of the frenetic and bustling cityscape.

Peace Hotel across the road from the airport is another strong choice for your stay. An expansive interior courtyard guarded by round-the-clock security lets you safely grab a breath of fresh air and a quick jog. The professional chef on staff serves up some of the best food in the city, and the proprietor offers paid tours complete with guards so you can venture out into the streets with minimized risk.

Diplomatic Hotel overlooking the KM-4 Roundabout is a newer establishment boasting a fetching garden complete with native flora. Fresh-squeezed juices are offered with meals and strong security ensures your safety at all hours.

How much do hotels in Mogadishu cost?

Prices for hotels in Mogadishu are available on request. Keep in mind that costs can be pricier than comparable cities due to the need to hire security for travel.

What are travelers saying about Mogadishu?

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Phil Maxson
Phil MaxsonTacoma, Washington, USA

I lived and worked for an NGO in Mogadishu back in 1979 -1981 helping out with the Refugee Crisis in the Horn of Africa. Back then it was an exciting place to be, not dangerous at all like it is now.

Qaashan Luul
Qaashan LuulMogadishu, Somalia

Do not let neighbors enjoy it

BAILOT IOMilan, Italy

somalia mogadisho

Abdirahim  Adam
Abdirahim Adam


The least expensive month is November, with an average of $138 per night. The most expensive month to stay in Mogadishu is May, with an average price of $177 per night.
The average price of a hotel in July last year was $148 per night. This is 3% less than the average nightly price of $154 seen over the previous 12 months.
In Mogadishu, the expected average temperature in July is 19.1°C/66.4°F. The warmest month is typically December, which averages 23.8°C/74.8°F. The coolest month is May, with temperatures averaging 15.6°C/60.1°F.
The nearest airport to Mogadishu is Mogadishu (MGQ) (2.68 miles).

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