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Hotels in Granada

Granada is a historical and beautiful city within the Andalusia region of Spain. Many travelers visit Granada to admire its ancient architecture, famous monuments, and other living museums that are common in the city’s streets. Granada’s location nestled in the mountains makes for a drop dead gorgeous background to any high ground that you get to during your visit there, so be sure to appreciate the geography at least once.

What Kinds Of Hotels Are There In Granada?

Granada’s hotels are mostly in its downtown area north of the Genil river and east of the main train station. Granada’s hotels tend to be on the boutique side, and are often very old. You’ll have a hard time finding large chain hotels in Granada, but you’ll have a galaxy of small and mid-sized independent hotels to pick from instead. If you’re looking for luxury hotels, you’re also out of luck, although the standard of quality is quite high everywhere within Granada.

Most hotels are living historical monuments of some sort, so appreciate it while you’re there.

What Can I Expect From My Hotel In Granada?

Hotels in Granada tend to be on the small side, although they make up for it with their aesthetic beauty and good design. Because the hotels in Granada are small, there’s a big range of service quality, which is hard to tell from a distance. Be sure to read the reviews of hotels which we’ve listed here at Skyscanner to make sure that you’re booking a hotel which has a reputation for high quality.

As far as amenities go, hotels in Granada are a bit sparse. Most hotels will have basic maid service. You probably won’t be able to find too many smaller hotels with extensive room service, pools, gyms, or other services.

Additionally, most of the hotels in Granada don’t have parking spaces associated with them, so plan accordingly. Thankfully, the hotels in Granada are reasonably priced as of 2017, so you won’t break the bank if you pick an average hotel.

What Is There To Do In Granada?

Aside from viewing the buildings of Granada and exploring the city’s rich history, Granada doesn’t have a ton of touristy activities to do other than shopping and eating.

Exploring Granada is the main appeal of visiting. Granada’s many museums, plazas, gardens, cathedrals, and ancient streets are beautiful to roam. Appreciating the architecture of Granada is a must, as is viewing the art in the religious monuments.